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Simplified Carbon Reporting with Turbo Carbon™

Simplify carbon emissions reporting with Turbo Carbon™ - our simplified, online carbon reporting software based on a guided, step-by-step process.

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Begin your carbon reporting journey

UL Turbo Carbon software enables you to provide critical carbon emissions data and generate detailed reports for a range of audiences and submission requirements. Designed for use exclusively by smaller businesses, Turbo Carbon is easy to use and makes carbon reporting more efficient and cost-effective.

Making a carbon report is easy with Turbo Carbon™.

Turbo Carbon, the premiere carbon reporting solution for small and medium businesses. It's simple, fast and affordable!

Turbo Carbon empowers businesses to measure and manage their carbon emissions.

Carbon reporting is increasingly a must-do. Whether your company needs to comply with mandatory reporting, submit carbon data to customers, or measure progress against your own carbon goals, reporting provides many benefits for your business, including:

  • Reduced risk of non-compliance
  • Preferred vendor status with your customers
  • More control over your carbon reduction strategy

Our carbon reporting software is easy to use, multilingual and globally available. It makes carbon reporting efficient and cost-effective across all kinds of businesses.

Simply asking our manufacturing sites to report their carbon footprint would have generated uncertain results. From day one, we have taken the approach of empowering our manufacturers to accurately measure and effectively manage their footprint. This way the teams involved internalize the benefits of carbon management.

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Carbon reporting in four easy steps

Turbo Carbon™ is an online tool that enables anyone to generate a carbon report through a guided, step-by-step process.

Step 1: Training

Drawing on over 15 years of helping businesses measure and manage their carbon emissions, UL Solutions will provide practical training on carbon management. On the completion of training, you will be fully prepared to begin your carbon management journey.

  • Reporting benefits
  • Data sources
  • User guide

Step 2: Data collection

Using a set of dynamic questionnaires, activity data relevant to your business can be collected and supporting evidence uploaded. On completion of data collection, you will have an extensive and verification ready activity data set ready for submission and conversion to carbon emissions.

  • KPI Library
  • Data quality checks
  • Evidence upload

Step 3: Reporting

Once your data is submitted, you can analyze your carbon footprint through a dynamic chart on your Turbo Carbon home page. Furthermore, you can download a PDF summary of your carbon footprint. On completion of reporting you will be able to accurately disclose your carbon footprint.

  • CO2 dashboard
  • ISO 14064-1 report
  • Data exports

Step 4: Reporting Services

Should you choose to, you can draw upon our extensive experience to help report emissions to national regulatory frameworks or third-party platforms such as the CDP. This optional service helps you optimize your use of the reporting enabled by Turbo Carbon.

  • Customer support
  • Disclosure coaching
  • Benchmarking

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Why do I need a reporting tool like Turbo Carbon?

Carbon emissions caused by human activity are causing the planet to heat up, and this is placing our entire civilization at risk. A little late, but we now see a multi-faceted response to this issue. Governments are setting ambitious carbon reduction targets, and are holding the economies they oversee to account through mandatory reporting schemes and carbon taxes. Investors are steering their portfolios away from polluting assets, and demanding the companies they finance to measure and manage their carbon footprint. Brands are setting contract-critical targets for their supply chains to decarbonise, and consumers are willing to desert or remain loyal to a brand based on how effectively they progress towards those targets. A bit of a long answer here but we are now in world where climate action is a must-do. Turbo Carbon enables these actions through the accurate measurement of your emissions in a simple, fast and affordable way, leaving you with more resources and better evidence to manage your carbon reduction initiatives.

What makes Turbo Carbon unique?

Turbo Carbon has two key differentiators as a carbon reporting tool.

  1. Turbo Carbon has inherited many of the characteristics of its elder sibling UL 360. Giving you enterprise-grade data collection and reporting features in a condensed package at a fraction of the price.
  2. Turbo Carbon is supported by UL Solutions’ global team of sustainability experts. Need help deploying Turbo Carbon to suppliers in China or India? No problem – UL Solutions is in region and ready to support.
Is Turbo Carbon right for my business?

Most likely. Turbo Carbon’s customers range from individual factories deep in the supply chain to known brands measuring emissions across multiple global facilities. Turbo is a drop-in solution with a specific goal of making carbon reporting simple, fast and affordable. If you are looking for something more bespoke or integrated with other systems, then you might be better served by our other solutions such as 360 Essentials or 360 Enterprise.

Is Turbo Carbon going to need the approval of IT?

We always recommend you involve IT in the purchasing process. However, Turbo Carbon is a stand-alone software-as-a-service solution. It is accredited to the ISO27001 information security standard and our servers are located at an Equinix-operated, ISO27001/9001 accredited data center in London. 

How do I get started on Turbo Carbon?

Once we have an agreement in place you will receive a password-protected starter pack to guide you through a 5-minute online exercise for creating your company’s Turbo Carbon account. Following this, you can access a range of training materials that you can either read through at your own pace or allow UL Solutions to guide you through an online crash course in carbon management. From there you will be all set to measure and manage your carbon emissions.

So what exactly do I get for the money?

Simply put…value. Your annual fee provides you and other users in your company access to best-in-class carbon management reporting software. Your carbon footprint is calculated in real-time as data is entered, and the results can be interrogated through dynamic charts on your dashboard. Once your reporting cycle is complete you can download a UL Solutions issued ISO 14064-1 carbon report, and should you choose to have your data verified you can download auditor-friendly verification packs at the click of a button.

Is Turbo Carbon scalable?

Yes and no. You can add more facilities to Turbo Carbon as your manufacturing base or property portfolio grows in both number and global spread, but UL Solutions manages the content and features and provides updates on a fixed schedule. We always welcome customer input to our product development roadmap.

How do I contact UL Solutions to learn more about its carbon reporting tools?

Feel free to talk to us about Turbo Carbon at any time by clicking “contact us” on the website. We will connect you with one of our many advisors who can provide a demonstration of the solution and talk you through the multitude of ways it can help you move from a “carbon reporting zero” to a “carbon reporting hero.”


Try Turbo Carbon

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