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Sustainable Product Certification

Sustainable product certification solutions from UL Solutions help you show eco-conscious consumers how your products help them live in safer, more secure and sustainable ways.

Sustainable product certification: A key in surging eco-economy

The demand for sustainable products is coming from multiple stakeholders, including retailers, consumers and investors. A heightened awareness among consumers that green products help us live a safer, more secure and sustainable lifestyle is putting pressure on brands and retailers to focus on product sustainability.  Additionally, investors are asking companies to take concrete steps toward sustainability such as certifying the sustainability of their products. Investment management company BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, showed their commitment to supporting sustainability when it called for companies it invests in to issue annual key sustainability metrics reports.

In this climate, companies want to find a way to differentiate their products and demonstrate sustainability.  Big retailers are making commitments to sell more sustainable products. Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly initiative, which is designed to help consumers shop for more sustainable products, is one example. Amazon partnered with trusted third-party certification providers like UL Solutions, and selected products with our ECOLOGO® Certification mark, to help shoppers simplify their search for sustainable products on Amazon.

So, one thing is for certain: the pursuit of sustainable product certification partners is on.

Ways UL Solutions helps in sustainable product development

We can help you pursue ways to make your products healthier and more sustainable.  

Sustainable product testing and certification is available in a variety of categories:

  • Cleaning products
  • Sanitary papers
  • Packaging

Additionally, we have expertise in recycled plastics, and can help you confirm the performance and safety of recycled plastic polymers.

Standards and certifications for sustainable products

UL Solutions is a leader in sustainable standards development, having developed more than 100 sustainability standards. With some of the most recognized and referenced third-party sustainability standards, we help manufacturers and retailers qualify and certify their product sustainability and communicate it to consumers, suppliers and investors. Our credible, independent certifications and validations send a signal that serves as a sustainability seal of approval to stakeholders.

Our programs are recognized and referenced in more than 900 green building rating systems and purchasing specifications, with notable references including:


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