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EPEAT Assessment and Registration

EPEAT is a comprehensive global environmental rating system that helps purchasers identify greener computers, mobile phones and other electronics.

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What is EPEAT and why it matters

EPEAT is a global ecolabel for electronics. EPEAT’s free online registry identifies thousands of products from the broadest range of manufacturers across the globe.

EPEAT criteria are driven by global thought leaders and developed through a voluntary consensus process with a balanced and wide range of stakeholders. These leadership criteria address the most critical sustainability impact areas across the electronics life cycle, from materials extraction to end-of-life — climate change, chemicals of concern, circularity and sustainable use of resources, and responsible sourcing. EPEAT-registered products meet U.S. Federal Acquisition Regulation Sustainable Acquisition requirements.

UL Solutions is an approved CAB

Manufacturers and brands of green electronics must work with a GEC-approved Conformity Assurance Body (CAB) to get EPEAT assessment and registration for their products.

UL Solutions is an experienced CAB verification organization that is ISO/IEC 17065 accredited to fulfill EPEAT's eligibility requirements on an ongoing basis.

The sustainability impact area for which UL Solutions is approved to provide EPEAT conformity assurance services is climate change mitigation.

Product categories for which UL Solutions, as a CAB, is approved to provide EPEAT-related conformity assurance services include:

  • Computers and displays
  • Imaging equipment
  • Mobile phones
  • Network equipment
  • Photovoltaic modules and inverters, including ultra low-carbon solar
  • Servers
  • TVs

Why UL Solutions for EPEAT registration

UL Solutions is an experienced approved CAB and offers services for all EPEAT categories. As a CAB, UL Solutions assists manufacturers with registering their products to the EPEAT registry. We have dedicated EPEAT staff who possess a deep level of understanding and expertise in the EPEAT process. Manufacturers and brands can utilize UL Solutions CAB Service to guide them through the EPEAT registration process and also help them take advantage of a robust suite of additional sustainability services.

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