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Product Carbon Footprint Verification

Demonstrate transparency with customers and investors about your climate impact and meet emerging regulations through independent verification of your product carbon footprint to ISO 14067.

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Demand for product carbon footprints is growing

An increasing number of companies are measuring their products’ carbon footprint due to pressure from outside influences, including:

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Retailers and supply chain

Companies purchasing materials, components and finished products are setting expectations for their suppliers to disclose product carbon emissions data.


Products with a sustainable label are seeing faster growth than their conventional counterparts.


Jurisdictions around the world, including in the EU and the U.S., are introducing requirements aimed at lowering carbon emissions. 


Financial institutions are considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, such as climate change mitigation, in their investment decisions and expect investees to disclose high-quality data.


Staff are more loyal to companies that make a positive impact on social and environmental issues.

Why a product carbon footprint should be verified

Measuring the carbon footprint of products following ISO 14067 shows stakeholders your dedication to climate protection, allows you to set targets and create a carbon reduction pathway for your products. Since companies are being judged based on the steps they take, it is crucial the carbon footprint and the company’s supporting information are reliable, consistent and accurate. Creating a product carbon footprint (PCF) is often a time-consuming, complex process, and data errors are not uncommon. By working with UL Solutions to verify your product’s carbon footprint, you leverage our trusted brand, reduce the risk of carbon calculation data error, and build the confidence of interested parties that your greenhouse gas statement meets international standards.

UL Solutions verification services

A product carbon footprint measures the greenhouse gas emissions of a product throughout its entire lifecycle from material procurement through end-of-life. Manufacturers must first create a lifecycle assessment (LCA), which forms the basis for the product carbon footprint report.

UL Solutions offers multiple product carbon footprint verification options to suit a variety of customer needs. Consult the table below to determine if our carbon measured or ISO 14064-3 verification programs are most suitable for you:

Product carbon footprint verification options
Carbon measured program Criteria *ISO 14064-3 verification program
ISO 14067 Standard compliance ISO 14067, verification following ISO 14064-3
No Site visit Typically yes
Yes Life cycle assessment required for verification Yes
Confirms compliance to standard and program criteria through critical review of Life Cycle Assessment and PCF Process In addition to compliance with criteria, we also conduct a risk-based approach that evaluates the truthfulness of the PCF report and primary data used
Product carbon footprint measured statement of verification Deliverables Product carbon footprint statement of verification to the limited or reasonable level of assurance

Suitable for those that wish to show ISO 14067 standard compliance
Risk mitigation level High

May be necessary for financial disclosures or to comply with specific PCF frameworks.

*The extent of verification to ISO 14064-3 differs by two levels:

  • Reasonable – Where the nature and extent of the verification activities have been designed to provide a high — but not absolute — level of assurance of historical data and information.
  • Limited – Where the nature and extent of the verification activities have been designed to provide a reduced level of assurance of historical data and information.

Working with UL Solutions for product carbon footprint verification

By working with UL Solutions to verify your product’s carbon footprint, you can leverage our trusted brand, reduce the risk of carbon calculation data errors, and build a high level of confidence with interested parties that your greenhouse gas (GHG) statements are materially correct and meet international standards.

With the completion of your UL Product Carbon Footprint verification, you are provided with a UL Verified Product Carbon Footprint Mark. This Mark is your tool to promote your achievement.

PCF verified mark.

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UL Solutions offers independent verification of enterprise and product GHG statements to ISO 14064-3, the international standard for verification of GHG claims.


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