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Greenhouse Gas Verification to ISO 14064-3

Verify your greenhouse gas (GHG) statements to ISO 14064-3 and various global GHG programs to meet regulatory requirements.

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Benefits of GHG statement verification

Reporting carbon emissions is becoming a standard practice for companies looking to comply with regulations, satisfy customer requests and demonstrate to stakeholders that they are measuring and managing the climate impact of their organization and their products.

As greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting becomes commonplace, it is important for GHG statements to contain accurate information. ISO 14064-3 provides a framework for evaluating both organizational and product carbon footprint GHG statements.

You can request verification either at reasonable or limited levels of assurance, as defined in ISO14064-3, depending on your needs and desired level of risk mitigation. At the end of the evaluation process, you’ll receive a report summarizing the findings and, if warranted, a Verification Mark to help demonstrate transparency.

Our third-party review of GHG statements meets the requirements of mainstream disclosure frameworks and an increasing number of mandatory reporting and verification requirements.

Independent verification provides transparency to stakeholders in the accuracy of your carbon footprint, allowing them to make better decisions and demonstrating your commitment to reducing climate change.

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UL Solutions offers independent verification of enterprise and product GHG statements to ISO 14064-3, the international standard for verification of GHG claims.

Enterprise GHG statement verification

An enterprise GHG statement assesses and quantifies the climate change impact of an organization across organizational and operational boundaries. Your company or a practitioner develops the GHG statement in accordance with the guidelines of ISO 14064-1 or the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. UL Solutions verification follows the criteria in the ISO 14064-3 standard. Our verification of GHG statements meets the requirements of multiple GHG programs, including the CDP for which UL Solutions are an Accredited Solution Provider.

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Product Carbon Footprint Verification

A product carbon footprint assesses and quantifies the climate change impact of a product across the product life cycle, considering raw material extraction, manufacturing and processing, transportation, usage and waste disposal. Your company or a practitioner develops the footprint report in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO 14067 standard, which builds on the criteria in the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards for life cycle assessment. UL Solutions verification follows the criteria in the ISO 14064-3 standard. We provide a report of our findings, which we make easily accessible to buyers through the UL SPOT database.

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Advantages of working with UL Solutions

UL Solutions has extensive expertise in verifying environmental performance in domains such as waste management, the use of recycled content and improving indoor air quality. This experience extends to GHG, an area where UL Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in measuring and reporting.

When you work with UL Solutions to verify your GHG statement, you bring confidence to buyers, creditors, and investors in your carbon footprint report and demonstrate your company’s commitment to addressing climate change. Whether you are on your carbon reporting journey, UL Solutions can help.


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