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Greenhouse Gas Verification to ISO 14064-3

Verify your greenhouse gas (GHG) statements to ISO 14064-3 and various global GHG programs to meet regulatory requirements.

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Benefits of greenhouse gas (GHG) verification

Reporting of carbon emissions is becoming a standard practice for companies looking to comply with regulations, satisfy customer requests or demonstrate to stakeholders that they are measuring and managing their climate impact. 

New GHG programs are continuously being implemented around the globe by country or region, both voluntary and mandatory. Examples include Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) requirements in the U.K., plus reporting requirements in South Africa, Germany and Singapore. Additionally, more than 8,400 companies reported to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2019, showing a growing commitment to GHG reporting.

As GHG reporting becomes commonplace, it is important to assure that GHG statements contain accurate information. ISO 14064-3 provides a framework for evaluating GHG related statements and demonstrates commitment to reducing climate change.

Verifying GHG report data to ISO 14064-3

UL Solutions can help companies keep on top of the changing regulatory landscape and provide solutions to help companies credibly report their GHG emissions. That’s why UL Solutions offers GHG Verification reports to ISO 14064-3. Our third-party review of GHG statements meets requirements of multiple global GHG programs such as the CDP Climate Change Survey and U.K. SECR. We provide a report with the findings and evaluation summary that may be submitted for regulatory compliance.

How to achieve UL GHG verification in five steps:

The timeline to achieve verification depends on several factors including, but not limited to, the level of assurance, boundaries and additional scoping information. In all cases, we follow the steps below to perform verification services:

  1. Application — Define scope and boundaries of requested verification
  2. Following contract acceptance, arrangement of the verification schedule
  3. Planning and evaluation — Develop verification project plan and perform verification activities encompassing off-site document review of customer submitted evidence and on-site review of organization. 
  4. Assessment of GHG statement and changes to statement
  5. Issue the verification report

Advantages of working with UL Solutions

UL Solutions has deep expertise in verifying environmental performance in domains such as waste management, the use of recycled content and improving indoor air quality. This experience extends to GHG, an area where UL Solutions has more than 15 years of experience in measuring and reporting.

By working with UL Solutions to evaluate your GHG data, you can have increased confidence in the reliability of the data and report to regulatory bodies with confidence.

Whether you are beginning your carbon reporting journey, need to comply with local regulations or want to verify data, UL Solutions can help.