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Samsung First To Have Product Carbon Footprint Verified by UL

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., received product UL’s carbon footprint verification for four automotive LED packages, positioning the company to advance sustainability goals.

Samsung product squares atop green pine trees

January 10, 2022

As UL continues to expand its services to meet growing stakeholder demands for transparency and meaningful sustainability action, we now offer product carbon footprint verification in accordance to ISO 14064-3, providing companies with verification that the accurate Samsung Electronics., Ltd. became the first company to earn UL’s Product Carbon Footprint Verification for four of its automotive LED packages. 

UL verified the product carbon footprints of four C-series 3W Automotive LED packages manufactured by Samsung — Gen3 (third generation) 3W White, Gen3 3W Amber, Gen2 (second generation) 3W White and Gen2 3W Amber — for meeting the ISO 14067 standard, providing more transparency to end users. 

Seunghwan Lee, quality team leader of the LED Business team at Samsung Electronics, said, “At this point in time when eco-friendliness is becoming a hot topic throughout the industry, the acquisition of a carbon footprint for the first time in the industry for Samsung Electronics’ LED parts is a new reference point that encompasses ecofriendly concepts in the quality assurance area of the LED industry. In the future, Samsung Electronics' LED business team will strive to become an ecofriendly product by examining the impact on the environment in all areas from the selection of raw materials to production, distribution and disposal."

UL’s Product Carbon Footprint Verification offers objective, third-party evaluation that the carbon footprint calculations and reporting for a product are done in accordance with ISO 14067 by verifying using the widely-accepted ISO 14064-3 standard.

When end users see UL’s Product Carbon Footprint Verification Mark, they can be confident that the carbon footprint information is accurate and that it has been verified by an independent third party, building trust in the data.

Our Product Carbon Footprint Verification empowers companies to offer transparency around their products’ complete carbon impact — an important initial step in reducing carbon emissions.

“UL is dedicated to advancing services to help companies reduce their carbon footprint. UL’s Product Carbon Footprint Verification opens the door to greater visibility into carbon emissions associated with products and sets the stage for companies to begin to take more aggressive climate action,” said Doug Lockard, vice president and general manager of UL’s Retail and Consumer Products group.


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