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ESG Reporting

Clearly convey your company’s core values and meet stakeholder’s environmental expectations with our ESG reporting software.

Disclose your company’s impact data and inspire investor confidence with ESG reporting tools

Today more than ever, a company’s core values are critical to its long-term success. Investors and your company’s other key stakeholders expect environmental, social and corporate governance transparency. But it’s long been difficult to convey corporate principles in an easy-to-understand way.

Disclosure of data detailing your company’s impact and added value on the environment, society and corporate governance is called ESG reporting. Clearly communicating your company’s ESG data is how you tell your company’s sustainability story. It’s how you drive confidence in your company’s operations. And it’s how well you disclose ESG data that determines how much credibility you create because it’s transparency that inspires trust.

Investors and other key stakeholders have a stake in your company’s success. They want to see the data that validates that value. Many now require companies to report on a variety of ESG metrics across their enterprises and supply chains, including corporate buildings and product portfolios. Disclosing ESG data within your financial reports can tell stakeholders how your sustainability story aligns with your business strategy in a way that inspires confidence in its profitability potential.

At UL Solutions, we understand how to help companies track, measure and report ESG data to a variety of audiences using a wide selection of reporting standards and frameworks. Your company’s success matters to your stakeholders and its message should reflect what means most to them. UL Solutions is uniquely positioned to help you select the UL Solutions software solution that best suits your sustainability reporting requirements.

We offer software solutions specifically suited for your reporting requirements, whether it’s expressing your company’s sustainability and social goals, or communicating your commitment to a sustainable supply chain. We’ll help you clarify your ESG data to enhance your enterprise’s reputation with investors, customers, corporate board members, employees, NGOs and current or prospective customers.

UL Solutions’ ESG reporting tools, including 360 Enterprise and Supply chain carbon reporting software, Turbo Carbon™, Turbo Buildings and sustainable product certification, help companies track and report on ESGs throughout their businesses and supply chains, and report that data using a variety of frameworks, including the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, CDP, GRI and others. Solutions include:

Why ESG reporting matters

According to research conducted by Big Four accounting firm PwC, 65% of investors said that their motive for taking ESG issues into consideration was to help manage investment risks. By reporting on ESG performance improvements, companies send a signal to investors that they can mitigate risks and generate sustainable long-term financial returns. Companies that don't provide ESG reporting may be ignored by investors. And in some cases, a company’s ESG profile may be created by a third-party research firm providing sustainability reports to investors without company input or control. By being transparent and producing your own ESG reporting, you can present a more comprehensive and compelling sustainability and value story. 

Alongside investors, millennial and Gen Z consumers are a significant driver for ESG reporting. According to Bank of America, 92% of Gen Z consumers would switch to a brand that supports ESG issues from one that does not. Not only is an ESG focus beneficial for your customers, it also helps attract new talent: with ninety-four percent of Gen Z respondents stating they believe companies should address ESG issues, along with 87% of millennials.

The sustainability reporting software preferred by professionals

For companies who know that what matters most is staying true to their mission – and expressing that vision and the value being created – UL Solutions understands your challenges. We know how to suggest the sustainability reporting solution that best suits your organization. UL Solutions’ 360 is the software engine that drives sustainability reporting at CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), the nonprofit that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies and governments. And Verdantix, an independent research and consulting firm with expertise in ESG and sustainability technologies, ranked our sustainability and carbon reporting tools as top tier in its Green Quadrant report.


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