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e-Learning Development Services

Turn your critical procedures and manuals into an engaging e-learning experience. Our development services can tailor existing courses or develop new ones to meet your particular learning needs. And you can use our SCORM authoring tool to collaborate on course design with anyone anywhere in the world.

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Some of your organization’s greatest competitive advantages include your processes, systems and procedures. Our custom courses help capture this internal knowledge and turn it into effective, engaging, well-retained e-learning courses. The UL Solutions team has created more than 4,500 new tailored courses using the best available education science and instructional design techniques.

Maximize your training results with:

  • Newly added courses on a variety of topics
  • Customized off-the-shelf training
  • Translations for global-reaching content
  • Bite-sized learning modules
  • Online learning for legacy classroom topics
  • Virtual instructor-led support materials
  • On-the-go learning tools
  • Support hours

LMS compliance training empowers employees to meet compliance goals

Develop foundational training for any topic, from machine operation to good documentation practices and any other process or regulation. We work to help ensure that your content contains the proper instructional strategy based on the knowledge you want to present, e.g., facts, concepts, principles and problem-solving.

The UL Solutions Learning Services Department comprises highly trained project managers, instructional designers and multimedia developers to provide on-time, on-brand, accurate and engaging e-learning courses for your particular employee education needs.


LMS compliance training approaches in action

UL Solutions has partnered with hundreds of companies in developing a competitive edge with custom e-learning courses and other training materials that become part of the organization’s education culture.

Check out some of the examples below to learn how UL Solutions supports businesses in closing knowledge gaps.

Micro e-learning courses

Our customers appreciate the value that UL Solutions provides by maintaining our extensive library offering, but they frequently require additional training on their related procedures.

UL Solutions’ best practice is to design and develop micro-learning courses ranging from 5 to 15 minutes in length covering key points of customer-specific procedures to accompany our library courses. The resulting custom micro courses and standard courses are assigned to the learners via ComplianceWire® or SCORM packages.

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT)

Many customers have relied on VILT over the past few years. Often, customers’ subject matter experts acknowledge their lack of experience in structuring and organizing a body of content for training purposes. UL Solutions assists in structuring content and developing learning objectives, exercises, discussion questions and a final exam for VILT delivered by the customer’s subject matter experts.

Additionally, customers often assign related UL Solutions library courses as prerequisites to VILT. Learners came to the VILT with a basic understanding of the concepts, and the meeting time focuses on applying the standards within the customer’s organization.

Course translations for a global audience

Many of our customers must deliver critical regulatory content in their employees’ native languages.

The UL Solutions library supports a global workforce with courses available in additional languages upon request. This multi-language capability in ComplianceWire® allows users to assign and deliver courses to all audiences.

Tailored content for role-based e-learning

UL Solutions develops high-end e-learning courses for sales, marketing and clinical professionals showcasing new products.

In collaboration with our customers, our instructional designers consider each audience’s needs and develop learning objectives to guide the remainder of the course development process. The final delivery is a role-based curriculum with common and role-specific courses. We also offer additional training resources to support new product rollouts, translation and localization for global sales teams.

Exceptional service from seasoned compliance training experts

UL Solutions has created more than 4,500 tailored courses using the best education science and instructional design techniques available. Create any conceivable type of training content with our experienced team of instructional and multimedia designers, including:

  • Multimedia-rich e-learning courses using a variety of proprietary and commercially based course authoring software
  • Micro-learning
  • Instructional animations around software systems
  • Interactive case studies
  • Videos
  • Mobile-ready content

Develop custom content to meet your organization’s particular training needs. Our talented team of highly skilled project managers, instructional designers and multimedia developers is ready to support you at any point in the development process.

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