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Home Décor Company Gains Insight into Consumer Experience

Mayzon, a home décor and bath accessory manufacturer, worked with UL Solutions’ Product Experience Center to gain valuable insights into end users’ experience with their products.

Father is assembling furniture with his kids.

For retail and consumer product sectors, there’s no room for a decline in quality or end-user experience. Even a difference of a half-star rating on a product on a retailer’s website may cost a company millions of dollars in sales. However, manufacturers work so closely with their products that it’s often difficult for them to see what issues everyday users might encounter while assembling and using them.

UL Solutions’ Product Experience Center

The Product Experience Center in Bentonville, Arkansas, can help you identify and address the issues that heavily impact your customers’ experience with and trust in your brand. At our facility, actual consumers assess and review your products, even prior to mass production . You can gain valuable insight into consumers’ experience with your product and how your product works in the real world, helping you meet the expectations of your buyers, retailers and, most importantly, consumers.

Our Product Experience Center offers services such as:

  • Product assembly review from a participant who fits the profile of your typical consumer.
  • Instruction manual review for overall content, including grammar, completeness, and clarity of steps and illustrations.
  • Video surveillance of active assembly projects to help identify steps where the consumer may struggle due to deficiencies in the manual or product.
  • Consumer feedback surveys regarding participants’ experience at the end of an assembly project.
  • Findings report containing project details, potential deficiencies and consumer feedback surveys.

How Mayzon worked with UL Solutions to improve products, increase customer satisfaction and achieve business goals

Mayzon is a designer and manufacturer of bath accessories and home décor products that has been working with UL Solutions for more than 20 years. Since the company’s origins in 1929, it has relentlessly pursued innovation and quality in its products. The company’s achievements include the first-ever over-the-toilet bathroom storage furniture, the first fabric shower curtain liners and the first laboratory-certified 100% blackout window curtains on the U.S. market.

In today’s intensely competitive retail market, Mayzon strives to maintain their high level of quality, continue delivering innovative answers to everyday consumer issues and improve their products’ sustainability. With these aims in mind, the company recently took advantage of our innovative services at our Product Experience Center to observe consumers assembling and reviewing their products in real time and gain insights into consumer behaviors.

Read our case study to learn more about the valuable insights Mayzon gained in working with UL Solutions’ Product Experience Center.

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