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Empowering the renewable energy industry to plan, finance, build, certify and operate successful renewable energy projects

Expert staff and science-based solutions for the future of renewable energy 

Sustainability goals, declining costs, and technological advancements have made renewable energy the fastest growing sector of the energy market.   

UL Solutions’ global expertise in energy and asset advisory services, due diligence, testing and certification, and software applications in solar, wind and offshore wind provides the expertise you need for product or project certification, early-stage feasibility and design, project development and financing, managing operational wind and solar projects, to extending the life of those projects.

Having assessed over 300 GW of renewable energy projects, we have worked with customers across all continents, in all kinds of complex terrain and climate regimes.

From small-scale microgrid systems of solar and storage that bring energy closer to a remote village, to complex utility-scale wind and solar farms that power corporations and cities, UL Solutions can help support your project anywhere around the globe.

Support for renewable energy project development  

Decisions made during project development are crucial to long-term success. UL Solutions helps clients navigate complexities and mitigate risk in the earliest stages of development by providing access to proven science, expert engineering, the best available data and software, and a full range of innovative solutions. We work with your team in the way that makes the most sense – either as a technical advisor or by providing access to resource data, online services, and advanced software enabling your team to do the work itself. 

Testing and certification services for renewable energy technologies

As renewable energy technologies advance, their continued safety, reliability, and performance must be assured. Manufacturers looking to verify the safety, reliability and performance of renewable technologies, such as wind turbines, solar modules and peripheral equipment rely on our expertise to help navigate the risks. We operate renewable energy testing sites around the globe and perform inspections of operating equipment in the field.  As safety science experts, UL Solutions helps clients navigate these risks through certification for products, projects, and grid code compliance. The UL certification extends compliance and provides assurance and confidence in the reliability of renewable energy technology.

Software solutions to support renewables project development and operations

Advanced software is essential to helping project developers, operators and key stakeholders evaluate potential site locations, streamline inspections and optimize grid usage. UL Solutions’ suite of software for the renewable energy industry helps in the assessment of wind resource analysis, project design and optimization, and simplifies data management. By considering both engineering and economic information, our software solutions provide a comprehensive look at real-life performance, helping you make more informed business decisions.

As technology improves and global communities become increasingly reliant on renewable energy, data will be instrumental in identifying efficiencies and helping you respond to new demands. UL Solutions is prepared to partner with your team and help you access the tools and information you need to remain competitive in the market.


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