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Renewable Energy Project Development Support

UL Solutions provides a full range of products and services to support the successful development of wind and solar projects.

Workers doing wind turbine maintenance

Comprehensive support for successful wind and solar projects

Decisions made during project development are crucial to the long-term success of renewable energy. With numerous considerations — including site suitability, permitting and the technology sourced for the project — stakeholders have a lot to consider, and UL Solutions can help navigate these complexities. With a rich history in the renewables market and extensive experience working in the larger energy industry, we can help mitigate risk in the earliest stages of development by providing access to proven science, expert engineering, the best available data and software, and a full range of innovative solutions.

We work with your team in whatever way makes the most sense – either as a technical advisor or by providing access to our proven science, engineering expertise and cutting-edge software to empower your team to do the work.

We can help simplify the entire project development process by becoming the central resource for your most complex project needs. This encourages more streamlined communication and helps reduce development time by helping to ensure processes move concurrently whenever possible.

Renewable energy expertise you can trust

Renewable energy plants require close attention to detail long before the plant becomes operational. UL Solutions has been working in the industry from the very beginning and can help you prepare for success by working alongside your team to help address these details and keep you moving forward. 

Prior to project planning, identifying site locations and understanding site attributes are essential. Along with screening sites for the feasibility of either wind or solar use, detailed measurements and remote sensing help you identify unique needs and considerations to support efficiency and output. However, when it comes time to officially plan and build your facility, UL Solutions’ renewables experts can remain an active part of your team to help ensure all considerations have been made. 

From evaluating the need for new or upgraded infrastructure to considering plan designs, we can help you feel confident in your plans for the future while also demonstrating a commitment to reliability to all necessary stakeholders and authorities. Renewable energy is our shared future, and we remain committed to helping that future take shape safely and efficiently.


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