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Energy Storage Advisory

UL Solutions’ advisory services help integrate energy storage solutions into renewable energy projects for clean, reliable energy generation.

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Tailored solutions to mitigate risk, maximize success in energy storage projects

New developments and rapidly declining costs for storage technologies make great potential for energy storage a reality, accelerating storage deployments for renewable energy projects worldwide.

UL Solutions offers a suite of services to support your energy storage projects. From hybrid power system modeling and optimization to technical due diligence, we can help you minimize risks and maximize success. On each project, we leverage our unmatched experience across the value chain in renewables, including wind and solar energy technology, grid integration and our long history in battery and energy storage safety certification.

UL Solutions provides best-in-class, comprehensive advisory, due diligence, and owner’s engineering services to help our customers understand the evolving storage landscape. This includes technology risks, warranties, performance guarantees, contract reviews, resource planning and financial reviews, such as capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operations expenditures (OPEX) assessments, as well as augmentation strategies.

Who needs energy storage advisory services?

UL Solutions’ advisory services benefit anyone with a vested interest in securing a renewable energy plant’s techno-economic profiles and the specific actions they can take to identify and mitigate risks, improve energy yield and increase revenues. Our advisory services are for developers; investors; insurance providers; engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies; equipment suppliers; asset managers; operations and maintenance (O&M) managers; and plant owners.

Independent engineering/Lender’s technical advisory

UL Solutions’ engineers have a deep background in renewable energy performance and produce high-accuracy bankable energy assessments, energy loss profiles, site analyses, energy storage use-case verification, technology assessments and site surveys, which can include civil, electrical and design, fire and safety functional design review analysis, permitting and project execution.

Site optimization, energy estimates and use-case analysis

We help design and optimize your renewable energy with energy storage project to meet its intended use case, including front-of-the-meter deployments for revenue-grade power and energy services and behind-the-meter applications for self-generation and self-consumption strategies that can help service loads and ensure reliability. We provide preliminary design support, optimization analysis and independent engineering/lenders’ technical advisory reports for project financing.


UL Solutions Energy Storage Advisory

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