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Renewable Energy Technology Selection and Suitability

We help assess and select the most appropriate renewable energy technology, whether wind turbines or solar modules, for your project.

Person measuring a scale model of a wind turbine with calipers

Wind technology selection and suitability

Turbine Selection

UL Solutions will identify technology options that meet your needs, and will work with you to assess the options through careful consideration of criteria such as:

  • IEC classification
  • Production potential
  • Available technology packages
  • O&M support
  • Turbine supply warranty terms
  • Constructability

Drawing on our experience and on our large database of turbine specifications, we can efficiently compare available technologies and help you select the options that are most appropriate for your project.

Turbine Suitability

A turbine suitability assessment is essential for securing a warranty from the manufacturer and achieving the turbine’s expected productive lifetime. UL Solutions offers the following services to support such assessments:

  • Turbine Suitability Input Forms: Our staff work closely with manufacturers to understand and satisfy their data needs for completing a suitability or loads analysis.
  • Preliminary suitability review: We will perform a preliminary suitability analysis, or review the manufacturer’s suitability study, to help you understand any potential suitability concerns. We can also estimate the impact on energy production of any mitigation strategies, such as wind sector management, that may be required by the manufacturer under the turbine supply agreement.
  • Suitability risk assessment: Our engineers can help you understand and assess the risks to energy production, O&M costs, and turbine life associated with site conditions that may approach the load design margins of a turbine.

Turbine Technical Reviews

When choosing a turbine, it is important to know its track record and that of the manufacturer to be able to assess the technology’s risks. UL Solutions’ engineers can provide the information you need and help develop a risk management plan, if necessary.

Solar technology selection and suitability

Solar technology selection

Based on an understanding of your site conditions and resource, UL Solutions can advise on appropriate technologies for your solar project, including materials and mounting considerations. Drawing on our experience and on our large database of solar specifications, we can efficiently compare available technologies and help you select the most appropriate options.

Solar technology suitability

An understanding of the suitability of each technology for your site conditions is essential for maintaining performance guarantees from the manufacturer and achieving the full project life. We can help determine suitability, as well as how site conditions could affect performance, degradation, risks to guarantees or the lifetime of the project.


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