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Grid Solutions

Reliable and secure renewable energy forecasting, sophisticated atmospheric modeling and custom research studies to support grid management.

Powerline during a sunrise

Comprehensive services for renewables forecasting

As more grid-connected renewable energy projects are developed, power companies and grid operators/regulators increasingly recognize the need for accurate and timely renewable generation forecasts. These professionals also recognize the need for long-range analyses of how fluctuating power from renewables impact grid reliability, cost, and operation.UL Solutions provides renewable energy forecasting services for more than 100 GW of centralized and distributed wind and solar generation capacity around the world, including two-thirds of the capacity in North America. 

We are committed to your success and prepared to help a range of clients, including plant owners and operators, energy storage providers and other industry professionals with specialized requirements.

Both wind and solar energy depend on careful calculations and consideration, and your success in delivering the energy of tomorrow remains our focus. As the leading forecasting provider for grid operations in North America, we are uniquely equipped to meet your high security and reliability needs. We customize sophisticated atmospheric models and adaptive statistical techniques to address your unique needs and produce the most accurate forecasts possible.

Forecasting and modeling solutions for wind and solar

Accurate renewables generation forecasting helps power companies, grid operators and regulators understand cost and reliability. Our tools allow us to predict weather patterns and the coincident changing weather conditions on load profiles and grid operations. Our experience, combined with massive quantities of atmospheric data and a high-performance computing environment, allows us to conduct long-term climate change assessments and impact mitigation studies for our clients.

Rather than aggregating forecasts from a control area, UL Solutions experts work with you to develop custom forecasts based on the unique characteristics of each wind or solar resource. From individual plant and fleet power production forecasting to load forecasting, we can help you feel confident in your facility’s potential. And if you are planning a new facility, UL Solutions helps you understand site conditions and potential impacts to the power grid.

Grid management services for reliable renewable energy

Centralized and distributed solar and wind technologies have a significant impact on grid infrastructure, and we understand the importance of reliable and economical operations. We help planners, utility professionals, aggregators and energy service providers manage and mitigate variability by combining advanced modeling with production data.

We can help you understand seasonal generation patterns, ramp-up and overall system variability to predict the real-time impact of renewable resources on smart grid applications. To help you understand the complete story for each site, we can create both historic and future power and resource timelines. You need to feel confident in the performance of your facilities, and we help create this confidence by eliminating surprises now and in the years to come.


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