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Renewables Asset Advisory

Extensive forecasting and asset management solutions to support your investments in renewable energy.

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Supporting safe, efficient renewable energy operations through expert advisory services

Increasing investments in new renewable power plants, maintaining aging fleets and ensuring safety while maximizing asset value remain important as the renewable energy market grows. Stakeholders are looking for opportunities to reduce operations and management (O&M) costs without reducing production, and UL Solutions can help.

Our asset management services are designed to evaluate and help optimize your projects, including O&M, contracts, health and safety, and remaining useful life. Our experts work with your team to help you reduce downtime, support key decisions around assets and repowering, and safely maximize production at your facilities.

To support the continued success of renewable energy, wind and solar energy technology and facilities alike require everything from energy assessments to diagnostic testing and root cause analysis. UL Solutions’ extensive experience working with manufacturers, operators, stakeholders, authorities having jurisdiction.

Operational performance assessment and advisory services for wind and solar energy

Wind and solar plants produce a significant amount of data which offers operators detailed metrics and the opportunity for comprehensive performance monitoring. Typically, the data stored in these supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems offers valuable insights regarding underperformance and the need for potential maintenance. However, this data is only valuable if it is being read, analyzed and applied appropriately.

UL Solutions has the tools and expertise you need for plant and turbine diagnosis and, should the need arise, root cause analysis. Our monthly performance reports and location-specific wind speed data pairs with our plant diagnostic and optimization report (PDOR) to offer you comprehensive electrical, mechanical, thermal and performance data.

Expert analysis for a successful future in renewable energy

Long-term energy production and the longevity of equipment help key stakeholders understand the future potential of their facilities and better direct resources for investment. With our eye always on the future of renewable energy, UL Solutions experts offer both comprehensive energy assessments for wind and solar and lifetime extension services for wind turbines. We carefully incorporate operational data for a more accurate forecast and can help you better understand the potential costs and benefits of extending the life of your equipment.


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