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Technical Advisory Services for Renewable Energy Assets M&A

Mitigate the technical and financial risks associated with mergers and acquisitions, and maximize investment value with our experienced team by your side.

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Buy-side or sell-side representation by leading renewable energy experts 

When buying or selling renewable energy projects and portfolios, assessing energy potential and identifying risks, mitigation strategies, and potential upside opportunities are essential to successful transactions and future investment returns.  

With millions of dollars on the line, and tight timelines, you cannot afford to have questions unanswered. UL Solutions has the experience you need to identify blind spots and propose mitigation strategies. Throughout the engagement our team will be there to help ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Critical review paths for renewable energy M&A 

We understand that different investments require different levels of review. Whether you are investing in or selling a single project or acquiring a global portfolio of projects, UL will work with you to determine the critical review path for your investment. We tailor our approach to your specific needs. 

Identify, manage and mitigate revenue risks 

When buying or selling renewable energy projects or portfolios, you need the best industry experts to advise on best practices in developing, commissioning, operating, and transacting on projects, as well as how to identify, manage and mitigate operational or revenue risks.  

Our extensive technical experience in renewable energy project finance makes us the ideal partner for independent technical M&A advisory. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers and technical advisors will evaluate the project or portfolio in-depth to help you understand energy production potential, technology and design risks, operational and construction costs, and permitting and interconnection timelines.  

We then create a plan to identify and mitigate technical risks and maximize returns. UL Solutions has worked on thousands of renewable energy projects in all parts of the world, enabling us to go deeper and provide more detail and actionable recommendations than less experienced advisors. 

Expert support to help you maximize investment returns 

In the fast-paced, deadline-driven M&A world, you need a committed team by your side in every step of the way, helping to navigate the process and answer questions as soon as they arise. Our international team deeply understands the issues that can affect the value or even viability of a renewable energy project. Our customers recognize and appreciate our responsiveness, flexibility, and customer-oriented service during the M&A process.  

Reviewing historical performance 

UL Solutions reviews and summarizes the historical performance of each project, examining performance issues such as site availability, specific technology issues, and other underperformance issues experienced in the operational history of each project, along with its resolution. We provide our opinion on the durability of the measures implemented to mitigate or resolve serious issues that have been experienced with individual projects. 

Customized scope of work 

For buyers or sellers, we offer a customized scope of work based on the following services, which can be as in-depth or high-level as needed based on the project stage and whether it is a single asset or part of a large portfolio or pipeline. 

Development Assets/Pipelines

  • Resource and energy review
  • Technology review
  • Developer experience and capability
  • Site control status
  • Interconnection status
  • Permitting status
  • Procurement strategy and status
  • Critical analysis of performance and long-term service agreements
  • Financial modeling: CAPEX/OPEX assumptions and revenue modeling
  • Project schedule and timeline

Operational Assets/Pipelines

  • Operational energy assessments and portfolio benefit analysis
  • Detailed SCADA analysis and upside potential
  • Technology review
  • Historical operations review
  • Assessment of repowering options
  • Lifetime extension planning
  • Operation and maintenance strategy and contracts
  • Permitting, interconnection, and off-take agreement compliance
  • Financial modeling: CAPEX/OPEX assumptions and revenue modeling

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Technical Advisory Services for Mergers and Acquisitions of Renewable Energy Projects

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