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Renewable Energy Investor Services

UL Solutions’ investor services, tailored to your project’s needs, help you weigh the returns of your renewable energy projects against inherent risks.

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Investor services

Investing in a renewable energy project is a complex endeavor that requires an extensive evaluation effort. Understanding the inherent technical risks of a project is a critical facet of this effort, and the conclusions of this evaluation will allow you to ultimately decide if the return is worth the risk.

At UL Solutions, we leverage our 30 years and 100 GW of experience on every wind and solar project we evaluate. Established in 1983, we have been pioneers and industry leaders in technical consulting and have played an active role in many of the world’s important and groundbreaking renewable energy projects. This experience is important – but equally core to our company is our reliability. Our engineers work in lockstep with you as you evaluate your project – any hour, any day of the week, we are available to our customers. With millions, or even billions, of dollars on the line, you can’t afford to have questions go unanswered.

We also understand that different investments require different levels of review. Whether it’s a small equity stake in a single project or an acquisition of a global portfolio of projects, UL Solutions will work with you to determine the critical review path for your investment, and we will tailor our approach with your specific needs in mind based on your risk appetite, the type of investment and your in-house expertise.

A few of our standard areas of review on equity investments are listed below:

  • Energy review
  • Data room audit and key risk analysis
  • Technology review
  • Contract review
  • Review of technical inputs to the financial model
  • Site visit
  • Curtailment and revenue estimation
  • O&M review and cost projection
  • Future Up-Wind Build-Out Analysis
  • Company Due Diligence and Staff Interviews
  • Portfolio Review
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