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Wind and Solar Trends Bulletin

UL Solutions’ Wind and Solar Trends bulletins provide a quick view of global wind and solar resource anomalies on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis by country, state or province.

Wind turbines over a solar panel field

UL Solutions’ complimentary global wind and solar anomaly maps

UL Solutions’ Wind and Solar Trends bulletins depict deviations in global wind and solar resources from the historical norm on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. If you are responsible for power production reporting, these complimentary maps can help you quickly assess how wind or solar resource variability impacted your operating assets’ performance over the previous reporting period.

The maps in the Wind and Solar Trends bulletins are derived using  ERA5, a current global climate reanalysis dataset. We calculate anomalies as a percent deviation from the 1995-2019 mean speed at 100 meters (m) above ground level (wind) or mean global horizontal irradiance (solar) for the relevant calendar period. 

Receive timely access to more detailed wind and solar resource anomaly maps and data

If you’d like early access to wind and solar resource maps or a deeper dive into resource performance, UL Solutions offers early-access subscriptions (delivered 5-10 business days after month’s end) to global heat maps and data, as well as custom data and analysis. 

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