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Renewable Energy Grid Management and Planning Services

UL Solutions' site-specific energy-generation modeling services support your site’s reliable and economical operations.

Electrical substation field

Advanced modeling techniques to help manage and mitigate renewable energy generation variability

We understand the impact of centralized and distributed solar and wind technologies on the grid and the importance of reliable and economical operations. Our team has played an essential role in grid integration studies and the development of customized tools and datasets to support them. With simulated wind and solar resource data, we help planners, utility professionals, aggregators and energy service providers manage and mitigate variability.

Combining our advanced models with production data, we provide site-specific energy-generation profiles. The synthesized data characterizes critical seasonal and diurnal generation patterns, power ramp behavior, and resource variability with generation on time scales ranging from seconds to years. Our advanced techniques allow us to create power and resource profiles for historical and future time periods to support a wide range of client needs.

Grid management and planning services

  • Capacity expansion modeling and infrastructure planning
  • Transmission and distribution planning and investment
  • Grid reliability sensitivity studies
  • High penetration scenarios and modeling for DER
  • Optimization of future wind and solar plant build-out on grids estimating potential wind and solar plant capacity
  • High frequency, sub-hourly power and resource profiles (seconds to hour) load coincidence studies
  • Demand response planning
  • Smart and micro-grid storage optimization studies
  • Resource mapping
  • Grid studies for power generating systems or power plant

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