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Drone view of a wind farm. Multiple wind turbines
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Wind Energy Testing, Inspection, Certification Services

Rely on our comprehensive certification, testing and inspection services for wind energy to support your products in the renewable energy market.

Demonstrate compliance in a competitive industry through wind energy testing, inspection and certification 

As a safety science leader, UL Solutions helps our customers navigate compliance complexity and mitigate compliance risks for onshore and offshore wind farms around the world. Manufacturers looking to evaluate wind turbines and peripheral equipment to safety and performance requirements can rely on our technical and safety science experts.

Our safety and performance testing services cover turbines and equipment and are based on international and national standards and regulations. We work with each customer’s individual needs and assist in providing services that can speed market access. 

Product certifications help support safer products and give stakeholders confidence in the products they source and their partners within the renewables value chain. As a globally respected third-party certification provider, we can help you evaluate products for compliance, access global markets and stand out from the competition in an increasingly competitive industry.

Services for the unique needs of offshore wind certification

Compared to onshore wind farms, offshore installations remain more complex in terms of structural design, installation and maintenance. Sites built farther from the coast demand that turbines, their components and the entire wind farm go through thorough development and planning to demonstrate that they are a worthwhile investment.

We have pioneered research in the offshore environment and gathered knowledge and expertise from various offshore projects. The certification process for offshore wind turbines and components is similar to onshore installations. However, it may require integrating additional technical criteria to the testing and certification process. Similarly, the foundations for offshore turbines are often designed for specific projects. UL Solutions offers assessment services for construction documents and can help you interpret existing rules and guidelines so you can establish an adequate, cost-efficient design.

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