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Aerial view of solar power station and solar energy panels
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Solar Energy Testing, Inspection, and Certification Services

Rely on our full-service testing, inspection and certification services for solar energy to support your products in the renewable energy market.

Demonstrate compliance in a competitive industry through solar energy testing, inspection and certification

As a global leader in applied safety science, UL Solutions helps our customers navigate compliance complexity and mitigate risks for their solar products around the world. Through testing, inspection and certification, we help you increase confidence in the reliability of your renewable energy technology.

Safety testing for the evolving solar industry is as necessary today as it was 125 years ago when electric lighting became mainstream. Depending on your place in the value chain, there are several types of testing for both photovoltaic (PV) panels and peripheral equipment. We can help you identify and complete the testing that makes sense for your business.

From factory inspections to performance, durability and reliability in real-world applications, we can help you build consumer confidence in your products. Our field inspectors are also ready to be on-site wherever you need them to minimize downtime and keep you moving forward.

Product certifications support safer products and give stakeholders confidence in the products they source and their partners within the renewables value chain. As a globally respected third-party certification provider, we evaluate your products for compliance, help you access global markets and stand out from the competition in an increasingly competitive industry.  

We operate global renewable energy testing sites and perform inspections of operating equipment in the field to meet your needs. Our test reports and certifications are globally recognized, and governmental and regulatory bodies, industry associations and supply chain partners around the world respect the expertise of our technical team.

Manufacturers looking to demonstrate their renewable technology’s compliance with safety, reliability and performance requirements rely on our technical and safety science expertise. The rapid growth in the renewables industry necessitates accelerated product development for manufacturers to remain competitive. Our experts can help you navigate the challenges and risks associated with market access and continued compliance.

Our safety and performance testing and certifications can help you save time and money throughout the product development process. Engaging with UL Solutions to evaluate your products can also help strengthen your brand reputation and build trust with your customers.


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