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Software Solutions for Renewables

UL offers software tools and data products to support the development, assessment, and operation of renewable energy projects. These products leverage our knowledge and expertise to enable your team to do its work more productively, effectively and the option to work more independently.

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UL provides renewable energy software solutions to help your team work more effectively, either independently or with our team of wind and solar advisory experts. We leverage a team of 500 experts and over 35 years of experience that has allowed us work on more than 300,000 MW of renewable energy projects in more than 140 countries.

UL software solutions


Identify potential sites and perform early-state project development activities with Windnavigator. Windnavigator delivers high-quality maps and datasets through a web-based interface and enables you to quickly and easily analyze and prospect greenfield sites and assess competing projects.

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Designed for importing, analyzing and visualizing wind resource data measured by met tower, sodar or lidar, Windographer quickly imports virtually every data format, allows rapid quality control and statistical analyses including MCP, and exports to all common wind flow models.

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Data Management Dashboard

UL’s Data Management Dashboard and monitoring services help you collect, monitor and analyze data from meteorological towers, solar monitoring stations or remote sensors in a secure online environment. You receive access to our team of expert meteorologists who work directly with your team to monitor the status of data collected to ensure high-quality data.

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Our wind farm design and optimization software can be used throughout your wind project’s development to create optimal turbine layouts that maximize energy production, minimize energy losses, account for plant development costs and generate overall project efficiencies.

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Renewable Asset Monitoring Platform

RAMP’s SaaS platform brings the power of real-time monitoring, production KPIs, analytics, power forecasting and reporting to help wind plant owners, O&M directors, asset managers and technicians manage their renewable assets. 

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HOMER Microgrid and Hybrid Power Modeling Software

UL helps customers model and optimize microgrid and hybrid power systems to maximize efficiency, cost-savings and revenue. Whether your system is behind-the-meter or in front, on-grid or off-grid, kilowatts or gigawatts, we have a solution for you. Learn more about HOMER® Pro, HOMER Grid or HOMER Front modeling software.

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Digital Inspection Platform

UL’s Digital Inspection Platform is designed to automate and streamline the inspection process for businesses managing wind turbine or factory inspections. Developed to take the inspection process into the digital era, this solution eliminates the administrative work and time delays associated with paper-based inspections by making the entire process digital. Using a web-based interface and mobile app, your inspection teams will be able to manage the entire process from project setup to reporting, resulting in the ability to focus on inspection results more quickly and conveniently than ever before.

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