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Product Experience Center

Gain pre-production consumer insights to optimize real-world product experience.

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Assess whether your product meets retailer and consumer expectations by leveraging the UL Solutions Product Experience Center. This unique service can help reduce returns, recalls, and negative perceptions by facilitating real-world consumer engagement prior to full product production. Top retailers are requesting it, and it’s a straightforward way to improve quality and enable speed to market.

Overview of Product Experience Center

The Product Experience Center, located in Bentonville, Arkansas, is part of a holistic range of services available to suppliers. It provides retailers and brands insights into consumer behaviors, allowing issues to be identified and corrected before full production and distribution. With the Product Experience Center, you can:

  • Leverage one of three support options depending on your needs.
  • Understand user feedback based on real-time product assembly and usage experience.
  • Gain consumer point of view prior to full production.
  • Access deep technical expertise to help identify and address issues that could be costly.
  • Receive fast, comprehensive reporting.

Valuable insights

  • Receive a report at the end of the process containing the details of the project, potential deficiencies, and consumer survey(s).
  • Use insights to fix or improve the product for an optimized consumer experience.


  • Reduce the risk of returns and bad ratings.
  • Decrease product failures and recalls.
  • Improve consumer perceptions and star ratings.
  • Help avoid compliance risk throughout the product lifecycle.

Experience the UL Solutions advantage

UL Solutions, a global leader in safety science, provides a comprehensive range of testing, inspection and certification services designed to help our customers’ product innovation and business growth.

We are currently the only provider offering the Product Experience Center, which offers direct customer feedback in the consumer product segment, trusted retail relationships and proximity to critical locations.

“The feedback allowed for the safety risks and deficiencies to be improved before production started”

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UL Solutions Retail Center of Excellence in Arkansas, USA

Our new Retail Center of Excellence in Lowell, AR, features an innovative Product Experience Center where you can gain valuable pre-production insights about your products’ performance, assembly, instructions and usability to help you identify issues and optimize real-world product experience.

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