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Meeting Investor and Stakeholder Disclosure Needs Requirements

Confidently track and report your company’s sustainability metrics with top-ranked reporting tools.

Meeting investors’ sustainability disclosure expectations is no longer optional

Demonstrating your company’s sustainability performance may seem like an optional objective – something nice to do – not a necessity. But in today’s climate-conscious world, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)  disclosure and reporting is becoming an imperative for companies who want to grow shareholder value and remain competitive.

Investment management companies like BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, are requiring companies they invest in to disclose key sustainability metrics. Examples of values-based measures that investors and other stakeholders expect include:

  • Climate impact, based upon greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Buildings designed and constructed according to green building standards
  • Products sustainably sourced and responsibly produced
  • Natural resources utilized

Sustainability reporting drives stakeholder confidence

UL Solutions is uniquely positioned to help you understand what metrics matters most to investors and other stakeholders, including your company’s customers, corporate board, employees, suppliers, retailers and government entities.

With tools designed to track, measure and report your company’s sustainability metrics using a variety of frameworks, including the Sustainability Standards Board (SASB), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and others, we help you link your environmental and social responsibility efforts to enterprise value and communicate enterprise value and enhance investors visibility into your organization's impact.

Trust the transparency tools the leaders choose

As a pioneer in sustainability reporting solutions, UL Solutions designed its 360 Sustainability software solution to seamlessly collect, calculate and communicate sustainability data for companies around the world to drive investor confidence in their ESG performance and initiatives.

UL Solutions’ proven sustainability reporting solutions are preferred by professionals including:

  • The CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) chose our 360 Sustainability software to power their ESG-related reporting systems which helps companies and cities disclose their environmental impact
  • Verdantix identified our 360 Sustainability software as top tier in their benchmark best-fit software survey of senior EHS executives across nine assessment criteria as having among the broadest and deepest functionality in sustainability data reporting management
  • Verdantix singled out UL Solutions’ GHG emissions management capabilities as the highest performing of all 23 firms evaluated in its Green Quadrant report. The report also named UL Solutions as the highest performing provider of solutions for comprehensive sustainability functionality, including program management

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