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Environmental and Sustainability Certification and Validation Marks

The most trusted name in safety is making its mark on sustainability. As a recognized leader in product certification, UL Solutions can provide third-party Verification that your products are as sustainable as they claim to be.

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Demand for certified products continues to rise, with 40 percent of consumers in six marketsBrazil, China, Germany, India, the U.K. and the U.S.identifying certification labels on product packaging as the most trusted indicators about whether a product is environmentally or socially responsible. Our globally recognized and accepted Marks can help you meet that demand.

Our Environmental and Sustainability certifications, such as UL GREENGUARD® and ECOLOGO®, and Environmental Claim Validations (ECVs) can differentiate your products in the marketplace by providing third-party Verification that they are as  sustainable as they claim to be. Each one of our distinct Marks indicate that your products have undergone rigorous testing, review and auditing procedures to meet specific, science-backed standards—helping build trust with your consumers while giving you a distinct marketplace advantage.


The popularity of green product marketing has caused a rise in the use of “eco-labels,” making it difficult to differentiate between products that are genuinely environmentally preferable and those that aren’t. Through rigorous scientific analysis, we can help you demonstrate  to the marketplace that your products do, in fact, live up to their environmental claims and do not perpetuate “greenwashing”—giving you more credibility and a clear advantage in a competitive marketplace.

UL Solutions’ Environmental and Sustainability certification and validation Marks enables you to confidently showcase your efforts at the consumer level. Manufacturing sustainable products not only speaks to the efficiencies and integrity of your supply chain, it also speaks to the commitment you’ve made to environmental stewardship. Most importantly, however, is that it helps purchasers buy healthier, more sustainable products. To learn more about the science-backed standards used for UL Environment certifications, see our related programs below.

Why UL Solutions

We have been making the world a safer, more sustainable place since 1894. Our Environmental and Sustainability certifications are recognized by buyers, building specifiers and purchasing organizations around the world. When your products receive one of our of Marks, consumers can be assured that the claims being made about those products have been tested and Verified to the most rigorous set of science-based standards. That’s how we help you build confidence and trust in the marketplace, and that’s what will set you apart from the pack.