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Sustainability Management Software

We provide you with the software you need to make lasting environmental improvements throughout your business, easing the reporting burden with simple, comprehensive tools that can fit all business needs.

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As of 2014, 91% of consumers expected companies to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues1. With that said, companies need their sustainability team focused on performance improvement — not the nuances of data collection. By allowing us to manage your data and impact reporting, your team is freed up to concentrate on solving today’s bigger issues. 

UL’s 360 Sustantability software (previous known as PURE®) enables you to harness the power of automated data collection and leave manual reporting behind. Our software provides easy-to-use tools to collect sustainability metrics, identify trends, find areas for improvement, and calculate GHG emissions. With our up-to-date emission factor library, you can calculate the exact emission footprint of your organization and make lasting improvements to your business.  

Not only are we a CDP Gold Accredited Solution Provider, but we were also selected to provide CDP’s online response system (ORS) in 2017. This strategic partnership provides next-generation reporting capabilities to both UL and CDP clients. 


  • Save time on your annual sustainability reporting with a centralized software platform. Collect data for reporting frameworks like the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). For more information on our reporting capabilities, download our brochure.
  • Identify opportunities for sustainability improvements based on actual performance data. Easily create and share reports and dashboards with key stakeholders, saving you time to work on the important strategies of your sustainability program.
  • Receive guidance from our team of expert consultants on the most accurate emission factors for your specific business. Calculate scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and get access to our comprehensive emission factor library.
  • Combine our 360 Sustainability software with our full suite of safety, supply chain and environmental compliance services to easily expand your sustainability program.

Why UL

With 15 years of sustainability software expertise behind us, we can meet the needs of your organization. Our 360 Sustainability software can easily be integrated with well-established sustainability programs or it can be preconfigured for those who are just getting started.  

Additionally, we offer capabilities, resources and customizable services that you won’t find anywhere else. You can trust that our team of experts will help you bolster your sustainability initiatives by tapping into our wide range of software tools, management services and environmental stewardship programs.  


“We selected UL for its flexibility and its potential to manage complex organizations and calculations. We also liked its integrated functionalities to manage dashboards, charts and graphs, as well as storing documents.”


  • Elisabeth Vendeville, CSR Project Manager

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Visit these resources for more information about sustainability.


  1. McKinsey, “Profits With Purpose: How Organizing for Sustainability Can Benefit the Bottom Line,” 2014.

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