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Pandemic Response Advisory Services for Buildings

We can help building owners and managers protect building occupants with comprehensive pandemic response plans and evaluations for buildings.

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Prepare for pandemics and infectious outbreaks in your building

A pandemic can cause major disruption to business operations in every sector. If your building is impacted, having a plan to respond to these types of disruptions allows you to act quickly to protect the safety of employees and building occupants. 
UL can review your existing plans to help you respond swiftly. We offer guidelines and assessments of pandemic response plans and provide recommendations for improvements following industry guidelines and best practices from the World Health Organization (WHO), American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On-site building inspections are offered to conduct proper due diligence during limited building use and to help provide reassurance to occupants returning to work.UL provides training and education to key staff to enable them to align your business’s procedures with the applicable regulatory standards and industry best practices. 

UL’s pandemic response plan includes:

pandemic response services

When you’re ready to reopen your building, UL can help you confirm your response plans protect building occupants.

Response plans that protect building occupants

UL provides a range of services, including:

  • Review of existing plans related to janitorial job descriptions, job hazard analyses, training/education matrices, protocols and procedures to help you to align janitorial procedures to applicable regulatory standards and industry best practices for infectious disease control in buildings.  
  • Evaluate or recommend HVAC hygiene, filtration, ventilation and indoor air quality policies regarding pandemics, including:
    • A visual inspection of sample air handling units for ventilation, filtration and hygiene  
    • Spot air quality testing throughout the building and outdoors for airborne particles, relative humidity, screening tests for total volatile organic compounds, and airflow pathways
    • Screening for issues related to mold and moisture to include visual inspection and thermal imaging diagnostics
    • Real-time surface sampling of representative areas of buildings on high touch areas such as desktops, countertops, door handles and handrails to evaluate janitorial services
    • Optional water sampling to verify systems are being adequately flushed and maintained
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Benefits of a pandemic response plan

UL is well positioned to help you respond to pandemic outbreaks that impact your building through our indoor environmental quality and environmental health and safety expertise and a multidisciplinary core team of board-certified infection control, industrial hygiene, public health and safety professionals.

    Ongoing education for workplace health and safety

    Taking precautionary steps can help reduce the impacts of infectious disease and is more important now than ever. UL offers several e-Learning training programs to help educate members of your organization, including the following: 

    • Pandemic COVID-19 and Influenza
    • Infection Control – Handwashing
    • Workplace Health and Safety in the Age of COVID-19

    Disclaimer:  Seller provides no explicit or implied warranties that microbiological (including without limitation bacterial, fungal, protozoan, or viral) activity or other pollutants and contaminants at Client’s property are not or will not be present or will not recur in the future, nor does UL make any guarantee or representation that the building, area, property or site which it has assessed is healthy, clean, free from bacteria, viruses, fungus, protozoans, or fit for a specific purpose for Client, its tenants or any other third-parties. 

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