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Indoor Environmental Quality Services for Healthy Buildings

Explore the path to healthier indoor spaces with UL Solutions’ expert-led IEQ testing services that help provide confidence to occupants, building owners, stakeholders and the public you’re working to keep them safe.

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IEQ testing services: science-driven methods you can trust

UL Solutions indoor environmental quality (IEQ) testing services offer a comprehensive, science-driven approach to evaluating the sustainability, health, and wellness aspects of indoor spaces. Through due diligence assessments, mold, and moisture surveys, proactive and reactive reviews, performance certification testing for WELL, Fitwel and LEED, owners, investors, occupants, and the public can feel good about living and working in a healthier environment. By identifying potential hazards, offering ways to improve air quality and promoting occupant well-being, UL Solutions’ 40+ year history of globally respected science-driven IEQ services plays a crucial role in creating more productive, profitable, sustainable — and above all, safer — spaces.

Our Healthy Buildings IEQ testing services

Building performance testing for WELL, LEED and Fitwel certifications

UL Solutions provides expert on-site testing to demonstrate building performance for WELL, Fitwel and LEED certifications. Not only do certified buildings make good economic sense to owners and investors, but they also show a positive commitment to a healthy, vibrant community. Our third-party green building testing and inspection service helps companies by verifying their achievement of rigorous health and well-being criteria and demonstrating adherence to optimal building performance standards.

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Proactive indoor environmental quality inspections

Reduce the risk of indoor health concerns with our expert-led program that evaluates the indoor environment of a building by identifying IEQ trends and the impacts of changes to IEQ management through qualitative and quantitative data collection. Our experts measure relevant air quality factors, including common indoor air pollutants and comfort factors, that affect occupant health and well-being. We also conduct a thorough visual inspection of the building’s HVAC system, focusing on ventilation, filtration and hygiene.

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Reactive indoor environmental quality inspections

UL Solutions offers a comprehensive range of reactive inspection services that can quickly identify and resolve indoor environmental disruptions resulting from unexpected IEQ incidents or complaints. From mold and moisture inspections to water quality testing for Legionella and lead, we address IEQ incidents and occupant air quality complaints through an expert-led investigation into the nature and history of the incident or complaint. The result? Trusted science-driven recommendations for corrective actions you can take to keep building occupants healthy and productive.

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ASHRAE 188 Legionella compliance guidance

UL Solutions helps customers demonstrate compliance through the development of proactive control measures aimed to prevent Legionnaires’ disease. Hospitals, commercial buildings and multi-family buildings’ owners, operators and occupants benefit from our expert guidance in developing both Legionella risk and water management plans when looking to obtain compliance with ASHRAE Standard 188 and accreditation from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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Due diligence assessments

Be more confident in your purchase with a due diligence assessment that helps determine if costly mold or moisture damage is present (and repairable) before you close. Our expert technical staff conducts a thorough inspection of the building and its equipment, utilizing the latest testing methodologies and diagnostic tools. If necessary, inspectors collect samples and send them to our laboratory for swift analysis, after which you’ll receive a comprehensive report that outlines our findings and recommendations. Discover what needs to be addressed during the negotiation phase rather than after — saving building owners, investors, and occupants time and money.

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Mold and moisture surveys

Protect your real estate from mold and moisture risks resulting from an IEQ with an expert-led mold and moisture quality survey. By offering professional flood management, scientific sampling and testing, mold and moisture status reports, damage repair recommendations, third-party assessments of flood remediation success and more, we help property owners mitigate IEQ challenges while also limiting negative public perception — saving them a hit to their wallet and reputation.

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Looking for even more Healthy Buildings guidance from UL Solutions?

Explore our green building certification advisory service for step-by-step support, from project inception to certification submission.

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