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Legionella Control

Learn the risks of Legionella bacteria and how UL Solutions accredited Legionella control services can help you improve building health and address regulatory compliance.

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The challenge of controlling Legionella: Protecting against Legionnaires' disease

Legionnaires' disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by inhaling tiny water droplets or particles contaminated with Legionella bacteria. These bacteria can proliferate in various water systems, creating a significant health risk.

Property owners and building stakeholders must remain vigilant as poorly maintained or managed hot and cold water systems, evaporative cooling systems and spa pools can become breeding grounds for Legionella bacteria, increasing the risk of Legionellosis.

Mitigate Legionella risks for your properties

The initial step in safeguarding against Legionella contamination, protecting public health and supporting compliance with health and safety regulations is to conduct thorough Legionella Risk Assessments. According to The Health & Safety Executive's (HSE) Approved Code of Practice L8 (2013), these assessments are pivotal in mitigating risks and helping property owners and stakeholders reach regulatory compliance.

Explore UL Solutions Legionella risk assessments

Supported by UKAS accreditation, our Legionella risk assessments demonstrate a commitment to providing expert-led compliance support services and more. Following ISO/IEC 17020/2012 standards as an inspection body for Legionella risk assessment, our highly qualified team is trained to deliver tailored support that addresses the specific challenges of Legionella contamination, including:

  • UKAS accredited Legionella risk assessment
  • Water monitoring programs and logbooks
  • Water system schematic drawings
  • Microbial sampling
  • Online Legionella management tool
  • Legionella awareness training

Let's enhance your building's health and value together

Elevate your property's safety with UL Solutions. Work with us to navigate the challenge of Legionella contamination effectively. To learn more or engage our Legionella Control Team, contact us today.


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