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Fire Risk Assessment

U.K. and European fire risk assessment services that support improved regulatory compliance and occupant and building fire safety.

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Elevate safety standards with expert-led fire risk assessments

A UL Solutions fire risk assessment provides property owners with invaluable insights into potential fire hazards, helping them to address safety and compliance regulations. Knowing those risks and implementing the necessary safety measures can help reduce the likelihood of fires, help protect lives and support property and legal requirement compliance in your journey to providing a safer building environment.

Understanding the fire triangle or combustion triangle is critical for property owners and investors looking to keep their buildings and occupants as safe as possible. When 1) a source of ignition (heat), 2) a source of fuel (something that burns) and 3) oxygen are all present, fires can occur.

Learn how our dedicated expert team can support your organization in identifying these risks so that you can take the steps needed to create a more secure environment for all.

Meeting regulatory compliance and more

UL Solutions’ expertise helps you stay on track and compliant with statutory requirements. Our professional Fire Risk Assessors hold a minimum of a U.K. National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) qualification in fire risk assessment or the equivalent credential and bring extensive experience in assessing fire risks across various building types, including schools, commercial and residential properties, healthcare facilities and hotels. Uphold your property to the standards set by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (England and Wales), Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, and Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 with our expert guidance and support.

Enhancing safety and more

Explore how the UL Solutions team's wide-ranging experience with diverse building types can help you elevate and enhance your safety. Our comprehensive fire risk assessments go beyond identifying hazards; they are thorough appraisals designed to help reduce the risk of fires, potential damage and harm to building users.

Our fire risk assessments can help you take the steps to meet safe property regulatory requirements and provide you with an expert and detailed appraisal that identifies:

  • Overall fire hazards
  • Tenant and occupant risk
  • Exterior and interior structure fire risks
  • Exterior and interior potential fire damage
  • Risk of injury or death to building users in the event of a fire

UL Solutions’ fire risk assessments also identify required attention to key areas, including:

  • Emergency routes and exits
  • Fire detection and warning systems
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Safe storage of dangerous substances
  • Suitability of emergency fire evacuation plans
  • Needs of vulnerable people, e.g., the elderly, young children, or those with disabilities
  • Staff fire safety training
  • Hot Works Policies and Procedures
  • And more

Our team of expert Fire Risk Assessors and comprehensive assessments provide you with the support you need to keep properties safer and compliant with fire safety regulations. To learn more and begin a service engagement, contact us today.


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