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Product Lens™ Certification Program

An ingredient disclosure tool that provides hazard information in context, fulfilling new demands for product transparency and helping build trust in your brand.

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Recently, the market has demanded more clarity into the chemicals and ingredients of products. Previous solutions have heavily focused on presenting a hazard-only picture of products and the chemicals they contain, leaving the reader with the need to be scientifically able to interpret the data. Simply identifying the chemicals and hazards in a product doesn’t tell the whole story. That’s exactly why UL created the Product Lens™ Certification — to help you build trust in your products by offering a new level of transparency.

Specifically, our Product Lens™ Certification is a next-generation transparency tool that shows a substance’s hazard data in context using exposure indicators along four phases within the life cycle of the product. The additional transparency along the four phases, combined with the identification of potential exposures, provides critically useful information for decision.

The Product Lens™ Certification is a result of collaboration between UL Environment, MBDC and Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute, with UL basing the program’s chemical assessment on the “Materials Health Assessment Methodology” from the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products program. The tool was developed in partnership with MBDC to meet and exceed the chemical disclosure requirements outlined by the design community and LEED®. With the program harmonized at the assessment level, you can progress further into the Cradle to Cradle certification programs as you desire.


Product Lens™ has been designed to meet credit requirements in LEED v4 for chemical disclosure (MR Credit: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Material Ingredients – Option 1). All information is Verified by UL, helping you address the skepticism inherent in self-disclosure, and signaling trust and legitimacy to specifiers and purchasers. Via the LEEDv4 crosswalk with the WELL Building Standard, Product Lens™ also satisfies WELL Feature 97 for Material Transparency.

Why UL

Our sustainable certifications are recognized by buyers, specifiers and purchasing organizations around the world. By confirming that certifications are from a trusted third-party like UL, stakeholders can be assured that the claims being made about your products have been tested and verified to science-based standards.


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