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Pandemic Response: Checklist for Re-opening Your Building

Taking precautionary steps can help reduce the impacts of infectious disease and is more important now than ever.

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Buildings are designed with occupancy and maintenance in mind. Our checklist suggests procedures for consideration before reoccupying a building that has been closed due to COVID-19.


▢  Review standard building operating status during building closure (e.g., vacancies, HVAC schedules and set points).

▢  Assess the use of any new/proposed cleaning products.

▢  Review janitorial procedures and protocols, including environmental health & safety procedures.

▢  Evaluate building/engineering pre-inspection tasks, including:

  1. Flush ventilation systems with maximum outdoor air 24 hours prior to inspection.
  2. Flush potable cold and hot water systems for 10 minutes at all outlets.
  3. Resume normal ventilation schedule, or assess capacity or need for additional outdoor air.

▢  Perform site inspection visual and infrared inspection of representative available surfaces for leaks/mold (ventilation, filtration and hygiene).

▢  Undertake basic IAQ indoor air quality review with emphasis on volatile organic compounds.

▢  Collect potable water samples to characterize post flush water quality at domestic main.

▢  Sample hot water temperatures (Point of Use).

▢  Schedule Legionella testing from cooling towers (optional).

These are general guidelines and are not intended to provide specific guidance for your building. 

Download the checklist

Checklist for reoccupying your building

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