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Enriching B2B Raw Material and Chemical Supplier Marketing

As businesses navigate the complexities of the chemicals industry, implementing comprehensive data strategies behind their marketing efforts is crucial.

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In the dynamic landscape of B2B raw materials and chemical supplier marketing, effective technology is key to sustained growth and success. As businesses navigate the complexities of this industry, it’s crucial to explore robust data strategies to elevate your marketing efforts.

Understanding the B2B raw materials industry

Graphic depicting the raw materials and chemical supply chain

The raw materials and chemical supply chain is intricate, involving numerous contributors to the B2B market. Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and end-users all play a vital role in maintaining the flow of products through this complex ecosystem. In this multi-faceted environment, suppliers and manufacturers must meet the evolving needs of their customers while navigating data transparency and accessibility concerns. Regulatory compliance, sustainability pressures and a constant quest for innovation further drive complexity.

Understanding the interplay of influencing factors is pivotal for businesses aiming to thrive in the chemical industry’s competitive marketplace.

Prospector®, part of Ultrus™ software from UL Solutions, has become an integral part of the data exchange process. As a leader in connecting suppliers and manufacturers, Prospector empowers businesses in the chemical industry value chain to uncover invaluable insights that can help drive success.  

Prospector key enablers for suppliers:
Graphic showing the circular relationship between suppliers and manufacturers
Prospector key enablers for manufacturers:

Notably, only a portion of data exchanges happen on the Prospector website. A significant amount of data transfer occurs outside the platform through technology integrations for intaking and distributing information between suppliers, distributors and manufacturers.

In this way, Prospector is both a source of data and a comprehensive information management system built to help you harmonize disparate product information sets and gain more value from your existing assets.

Technology integration for chemical supplier marketing

Digitized product information can be both a challenge and a differentiator in B2B raw material and chemical supplier marketing. How you aggregate, organize and harmonize internal and external data plays an essential role in strategic decision-making. Leveraging data management technologies, such as product information management (PIM) systems, data integrations and application programming interfaces (APIs) are necessary for staying competitive.

Prospector PIM and API data services help suppliers streamline the accessibility of information across online channels, internally or with third-party systems, to efficiently give all stakeholders the content they need.

Graphic showing the process of Prospector PIM and API data services

Connecting chemical supplier marketing with data management

Delivering the right product information to customers can drive business growth by simplifying their decision-making process. One of the primary benefits of centralized information is the ability to publish it simultaneously across online channels, giving your prospects direct access to technical data when they need it.

Additionally, with Prospector Digital Marketing, you can promote your products to a targeted audience searching for materials and ingredients. By advertising on Prospector, where thousands of industry professionals engage in materials research, suppliers can receive real time information on who is searching and viewing their products. This sales intelligence can then be integrated into an existing CRM for efficient lead management or used to inform product development strategies.

Transform your product data into business opportunities

Marketing can be a complex undertaking for raw materials and chemical suppliers, but with Prospector, companies can effectively maximize the potential of their product data and bolster the value of their digital assets. By understanding the industry, optimizing their online presence and leveraging technology, businesses can position themselves for sustained growth.

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Our Prospector Digital Marketing and Data teams are ready to help you navigate the dynamic landscape of B2B raw materials and chemical marketing.


Get connected with our team

Our Prospector Digital Marketing and Data teams are ready to help you navigate the dynamic landscape of B2B raw materials and chemical marketing.

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