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UL Solutions’ Line Card Management Tool

Let UL Solutions take the challenge out of line card management.

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Line Card Management for Plastics and Resin Distributors

Providing technical data on your website is key to an exceptional customer experience. At the same time, managing line cards from several suppliers can prove challenging for plastics and resin distributors. With more than 125,000 plastics materials from more than 1,700 suppliers, UL Prospector® has the digitized line card information you and your customers need.

Integrate Prospector’s extensive set of plastics data onto your website with UL Solutions’ Line Card Management tool. Now you can leverage Prospector’s supplier relationships to eliminate manual aggregation and input of product information into your systems.

Build a frictionless path to product information and keep customers on your website

Allow customers to find product information directly on your website, including technical datasheets and UL Yellow Cards. When you integrate product data from the Prospector database, potential customers can easily filter and search for products based on their properties or features. You control what you publish and can display product information based on your requirements and distribution agreements.

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Streamline internal processes with digitization that cuts out manual, tedious tasks

  • Accelerate onboarding of new suppliers and products.
  • Integrate product data into internal systems to equip sales with important product statuses such as preferred, regional or discontinued products.

Improve the accuracy and quality of your product information

  • Leverage the Prospector data team, which continuously adds and updates technical data, often averaging more than 10,000 product updates or additions per month.
  • Update all systems in real time with an automated API data call.

Find the right digitalization tool for your needs

Whether you need an “off the shelf” tool or a fully customized user experience, our Line Card Management tool can meet your needs. Our team can work directly with you to install our standard product finder application on your site with little to no web development work. Alternatively, our data experts can work with distributors’ IT and web development teams if you need a customized system.

Distributors often store product data in many different systems. Our Line Card Management tool helps simplify data management to build a better customer experience and drive more revenue. Speak with our sales team today and see how our data offerings can enable you and your buyers.

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