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Prospector® Data Integrations

Effectively manage data, research supplier options, and support swifter, smarter product development.

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Access UL Prospector® data and your internal information with our powerful technology

What if you could have instant access to all your internal, proprietary material data and technical specifications and compare them against a comprehensive industry-leading materials database? Think about how much faster your team could find new or alternate materials and suppliers.

That’s exactly what Prospector Data Integration can do. We link your company data into a customizable interface featuring the Prospector plastics database of more than 100,000 materials from 1,700 global suppliers. Now you can perform development research and make decisions in a few clicks.

As part of ULTRUS™ software from UL Solutions, Prospector allows you to enhance and transform data with a customized approach unique to your organization for better decision making.

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Control your data

Your employees are likely already using Prospector to research materials, as well as product development software featuring internal data. Via an API, Prospector combines these two powerful data sources into a customizable interface. Whether you have an existing system or are developing a new digital process, your team will easily be able to find materials options in Prospector that meet company requirements. And you’ll rest easy that your data stays private as your information remains confidential to your organization.

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Get customized support

We carefully guide you through the development and integration process and work with your leadership team to make sure the final interface meets your needs. If you don’t have development software, UL Solutions will build an interface tailored precisely to your criteria. Filtering and restriction options are set in accordance with your requirements, ensuring your employees only receive search results that match your needs.

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Enjoy more innovative product development

Empowered by data and your enterprise insights, your team can pinpoint materials from more than 1,700 global suppliers. Prospector saves time on materials research that can go toward developing new items or improving existing products, fostering your desire for more intelligent design.


Ease challenges in product development

Today’s market is packed with plastics materials and suppliers, while product specifications from consumers and manufacturers are growing and becoming more demanding. Combined with supply chain disruptions, finding the precise materials to meet your needs is frequently difficult — and sometimes feels impossible. And yet, business is moving faster than ever and companies must embrace digitalization in manufacturing to maintain market position.

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Access data, in one place

Combine your company’s internal research, pricing or competitive data plus the relevant Prospector technical and sustainability data in an easy-to-use interface.

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Customized for ease of use

Tailored to your development team’s need, your custom solution will only provide material information relevant to the precise production requirements of your organization.

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Boost speed to market

With all pertinent information in one system, your team will save time on material selection and develop products faster.


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Empower your team

No matter what development stage, your team can make smarter decisions with quick access to materials data.

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Always current technical data

The digital connection to material data delivers the most current data as provided from global suppliers.

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Find suppliers around the globe

The Prospector search engine features 100,000+ plastics materials with technical details 1,700+ global suppliers.



Want to do more with plastics data?

Let’s set up a custom demo with a UL Solutions software expert.

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Want to do more with plastics data?

Let’s set up a custom demo with a UL Solutions software expert.

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