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Advance Plastic and Chemical Industry Digital Transformation

UL Solutions can help you accelerate your digital transformation strategy through comprehensive chemical and plastics data, powerful software and noted industry expertise.

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Turn your product information into significant business opportunities

Today’s data buzzwords include “digitization,” “digitalization” and “digital transformation.” Together, these terms describe how organizations must convert analog data and processes into optimized, fully digital methods that help achieve accelerated business goals.

The increasing demand for transparency makes data integrity and accessibility essential for chemical and plastics material suppliers. Yet all too often, critical product data is not centralized, but rather found in binders, spreadsheets and databases scattered across organizations. When suppliers have centralized and digitized data, they can quickly connect internal teams, distributors, customers and prospects with key product information that drives success.

With our wealth of experience working in the chemical and plastics industries, UL Solutions has developed digital transformation products specific to complex market, sustainability and customer demands via ULTRUS™ software.

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Master your data management

Prospector Product Information Management (PIM) Services helps you centralize information from multiple sources, enrich your data with the extensive Prospector® and Product iQ® database of content and distribute it effectively to unlock growth.

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Transform your product information into opportunities and a customer-first experience:

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Intake and enrich data on your terms.
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Manage and map data for performance properties, custom fields, internal data, ERP/PLM mapping.
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Enhance information with features, pricing, costs and inventory.
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Create catalogs, technical data sheets, curves and visuals.
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Augment with additional product information such as safety data sheets, marketing collateral and images.
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Publish or distribute product information to your website, distribution partners, R&D software, internal systems and Prospector®.

Provide product information your customers need — digital and direct

Not only are you able to distribute product information to all online channels in real time, but you can also add Prospector's powerful search technology into your own website. We can support private label search functionality so you can easily build a frustration-free path for potential customers as they search, filter and find your products based on their properties and features. Customize the search tool with your branding and designate what product information is shared on your site. You can even add Yellow Card certification information via an easy-to-use plugin.

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Digitize your sales and marketing

Prospector Digital Marketing helps you build awareness and generate important leads. For more than 20 years, the comprehensive Prospector database has simplified the material research process for your customers with technical information gathering, sample requests and supplier selection on a single platform. List your products on the Prospector search engine so industry professionals actively engaged in materials research can easily find it while you uncover potential leads and revenue opportunities.   
UL Solutions connects you with real-time sales insights about who is searching for your products. Integrate this powerful information into your CRM to provide actionable insights directly to your sales teams.

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Want to advance your digital transformation across your value chain?

Speak with a UL Solutions software expert today.

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Want to advance your digital transformation across your value chain?

Speak with a UL Solutions software expert today.

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