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Multi-color plastic pellets

Plastics and Engineered Materials

Complete solutions that can help you demonstrate the safety, performance and sustainability to differentiate your plastics and engineered materials.

Global safety, performance and compliance leadership

Plastics and other engineered materials have become almost inseparable from daily life. Global manufacturers of plastics, resins and other engineered materials continue to innovate toward a safer, more sustainable world, while additive manufacturing is redefining what we once thought possible in both finished products and the manufacturing processes.

Manufacturers are increasingly challenged to develop more environmentally-friendly products and processes while meeting changing customer expectations and satisfying OEM requirements. And as innovation continues to pick up pace, you also need to be confident in the safety and performance of new materials.

We can help. At UL Solutions, we apply our scientific expertise and data to everything from material selection and product design to large-scale production and end-of-life. Our Plastics Recognition Program is globally recognized and can help you demonstrate the safety, quality and suitability of your materials based on a specific set of third-party performance credentials.

The UL Solutions certification materials (UL Solutions Yellow Card and UL Solutions Blue Card) can also be used to market and differentiate your products and help downstream manufacturers save valuable time testing end-products. For recycled plastic content, the UL Component Recognition program provides the services needed to maintain the integrity of material certifications.

We will work with your team to help you overcome manufacturing challenges, comply with regulatory requirements and bring safer products to the global market as quickly as possible.

Materials and Plastics Testing

Gain confidence in material integrity with testing, certification and advisory services 

Our global testing facilities are equipped to evaluate your materials for multiple properties, including flammability, electrical, thermal, environmental and more. We have been testing plastics and working with top plastics manufacturers for many decades.

And we have contributed to the development of standards as well as design innovative testing solutions that have helped fuel the exciting innovation in recycled plastics and additive manufacturing (3D printing). Our engineers work aggressively to help you identify testing and certification recommendations that will help you differentiate your products in the market. This is why plastics with a UL certification are associated with safety, reliability, performance and sustainability.

We provide testing, inspection, certification and advisory solutions in over 140 countries, serve on 500+ international regulatory committees and work with 60% of the global 500 companies.

Our centrally located laboratories and comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions provide you with a single source for all your plastics and materials needs.


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