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Recycled Plastics Solutions

Verify the safety, quality, performance and sustainability of recycled plastics and materials.

Recycled plastic cylinder shapes

The demand for recycled plastics is increasing

As impending regulations drive increased use of recycled plastics, you may have growing concerns about the quality, safety and sustainability attributes of recycled plastics and materials.

More than ever before, manufacturers, producers and retailers are committing to recyclability goals and turning to UL Solutions to help actively explore ways to reduce their dependence on virgin plastics and to increase their use of recycled plastic materials.

Recycled plastics challenges

Legislative and regulatory efforts addressing recycling have increased significantly and relatively quickly at an international level. 

Manufacturers, producers and retailers in all regions face the challenge of keeping up with new and evolving requirements and developing and adapting strategies to reduce plastic waste.

Many businesses are exploring opportunities to incorporate more recycled plastic into their products and packaging while maintaining excellent safety, quality and performance attributes. As they innovate and bring new technologies and materials together in new ways, companies need to demonstrate safety and confirm compliance before placing their products on the market.

While reducing plastic waste by using products with greater percentages of recycled plastic content is a desirable aspiration, the effort comes with its own set of challenges. They include:

  • Addressing the fundamental issue of supply and demand as recycled plastics become more popular
  • Determining the effect of recycled materials and components on quality, safety and performance of plastic and plastics materials

UL Solutions: Developing trust and transparency for recycled plastics

UL Solutions is a pioneer in safety science and has been at the forefront of supporting businesses across the entire plastics value chain. The goal for all parties is to reduce the impacts of global plastic waste and foster the increased use safe, quality recycled plastics in all types of products.

Leverage our science-backed expertise and services to solve critical safety, compliance and performance challenges, drive confidence and trust, and gain faster acceptance of innovation. 

From contributing to standards and offering new test and certification services to validating sustainability and performance claims, we help you meet the expectations of industry stakeholders and succeed in achieving your recycled content goals to maintain a more circular approach to production.

Recycled plastics materials testing and certification

Our team can test materials with recycled content to verify they meet safety and performance standards, such as: 

  • UL 746D, the Standard for Polymeric Materials – Fabricated Parts

Recycled plastics validation and certification

We offer applicable marks and/or certificates for the following standards:

  • UL 2809, the Standard for Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) for Recycled Content
  • UL 2789, the Standard for Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Calculation of Estimated Recyclability Rate
  • UL 2990, the Standard for Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for By-Product Synergy 
  • UL 2799, the Standard for Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Waste to Landfill
  • UL 3600, the Outline of Investigation for Measuring and Reporting Circular Economy Aspects of Products, Sites and Organizations

Learn more about recycled plastics and our offerings below.

Software and Services for Regulatory Compliance

Reduce risk, reach chemical compliance, promote materials and foster product stewardship.

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Helping Ensure Performance and Safety in Recycled Plastics

This one-hour webcast highlights how brands like HP are increasing recycled content in their products and assessing performance and sustainability.

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