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Assuring the Quality and Safety of Recycled Plastics

As the demand for recycled materials continues to increase, producers need standards and methods for verifying their safety and sustainability. This white paper presents tools to address performance and sustainability of plastics.

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The importance of reducing plastic waste

As the world becomes more attuned to the environmental impact associated with plastic waste, more manufacturers, producers and retailers are actively exploring ways to reduce their dependence on virgin plastics and to increase their use of recycled plastic materials.

Assuring quality, safety and environmental attributes of plastics

To address growing concerns about quality, safety and environmental attributes of recycled plastics, many manufacturers are now seeking evidence from suppliers of not only the percent of recycled plastic content in source material, but in the performance attributes and quality of that source material. 

In this UL white paper, you will learn:

  • The consequences of plastic waste and efforts to reduce it
  • The current challenges in expanding the use of recycled plastics
  • Quality and safety considerations in producing recycled plastic materials 
  • Tools to increase overall confidence and trust in the safety and sustainability of recycled plastics in a global circular economy

Additional resources

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Assuring the quality and safety of recycled plastics

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