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Gaskets and Seals Testing and Certification

Our testing program aims to certify your products as UL Recognized Components. Once certified, they can be published in our Product iQ™ Database – showcasing their compliance to OEMs, purchasers and regulatory authorities around the world.

A variety of gaskets and seals.

Testing and certifying gasket and seal materials

Our certification program for gaskets and seals covers test procedures and performance criteria for the evaluation of nonmetallic gasket and seal materials. These include elastomers, composite gasket material, flexible cellular material, thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers for use as components and parts of end products. The general use of these materials is to hold, or exclude, liquids, gases or vapors within an enclosure.

We will determine if your gasket or seal will be accepted as a UL Solutions certified end-product by referencing its specific end-use requirements and the design of the device in which it will be used. Most of our certified gasket and seal materials are intended only for factory installation in complete equipment where traceability of the material can be Verified by us. 

Gasket and seal materials that meet our requirements are certified as UL Recognized Components and are published in our Product iQ Database. This enables users of UL Certified Components to achieve certification for an end product or device with less testing.

Overview of the UL 157 Standard for gaskets and seals

End-use environments Gaskets and seals may be evaluated for environmental conditions specific to certain end-use applications. Below is a list of some of the environmental conditions in American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/UL 157, the Standard for Gaskets and Seals. Gaskets and seals can also be evaluated with respect to additional environmental conditions specified in end-product standards. 

A Extinguishing agents
B Gasoline
C Gasoline/Alcohol blends up to 15% alcohol
D Naptha or kerosene
E MPS gas
F Manufactured gas or natural gas
G Diesel fuel, fuel or lubricating oil
H Heated fuel oil
I Anhydrous ammonia
J Liquefied petroleum gas (LP-gas)
K Dry-cleaning agents
L Laundry detergents
M Dishwashing detergents
N Atmospheric ozone
O Generated ozone


With expertise in safety science reaching back to 1894, we are uniquely positioned to provide a complete view of how products function within a given system. This is particularly critical in the plastics and components industry, as interactions between substances, parts, systems and the environment can be the cause of a significant number of hazards. These failures are rarely apparent when components are tested individually.

Our technical experts can also help align your products to the appropriate UL Certification category and the applicable Standards. This enables manufacturers of UL Certified products to easily source components that demonstrably meet their compliance needs and project specifications.

Additionally, our worldwide presence allows us to provide local services to you and your team. You’ll have access to our network of experts who will support you in your drive to protect public safety and brand value. 

Our trustworthy reputation provides an important product differentiator in a crowded marketplace. Working with us is just one more way in which you can communicate your product’s safety and quality to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), purchasers and regulatory authorities.

Markets trust UL certified gasket and seal materials

UL Solutions' comprehensive testing, certification, assessment and regulatory compliance services are designed to foster innovation, enhance product and process quality, enable safety and, ultimately, help you meet your business goals.

Our broad capabilities and capacities enable us to help you address a wide variety of key business needs that may arise throughout your product development life cycle and deployment phase.  Working with one provider also allows you to take advantage of cost- and time-saving service bundles, as well as integrated testing and certification plans.  Combined, these services can help you react quickly to changes in suppliers and raw materials, meet deadlines, and achieve your go-to-market plans.


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