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Marking and Labeling Testing and Certification

Testing and certifying marking and labeling systems and materials for adherence to established performance requirements.

Abrasion testing on a label


We have been providing certification, testing and training services to the label industry for more than 40 years. Our engineering and laboratory team assists you in delivering compliant labels that meet individual project specifications and the demands of the global marketplace.

Many products must be permanently marked or labeled with specific safety-related information such as hazards, warnings, cautions, installation instructions and electrical ratings. We test and certify marking and labeling systems and materials for adherence to established performance requirements. Whether it is regulatory requirements, predefined customer specifications or certification requirements, we are able to provide the services you need.

Our evaluations for marking and labeling systems include comprehensive testing for permanency — such as curling, wrinkling, shrinkage or loss of adhesion — when a mark or label is exposed to environmental conditions such as high humidity, water, elevated temperatures, sunlight or chemical agents. Testing also typically includes an evaluation of legibility and resistance to defacement.

Marking and labeling systems 

The Marking and Labeling Systems program covers labels - nameplates or markers - and label materials that have been submitted to us for evaluation in accordance with prescribed permanence of marking performance requirements, so they can be used to display information on products. 

Label adoptions 

Label adoption allows label printers and converters to quickly demonstrate that their labels meet UL Solutions safety requirements while gaining quick market access, greater product acceptance and a faster return on investments.  

Performance and validation testing 

Leverage our decades of experience in label testing from a trusted third-party supplier for your marking and labeling performance and validation testing needs. 

Marine use labels 

Our Marine Use Label services help address the safety concerns of the label industry with respect to labeling of hazardous goods for marine transport.

In-mold labels 

Our In-Mold Label (IML) program is specially designed to support IML manufacturers and their customers who use IMLs to display safety-related information on UL certified products.

Repackaging program 

Companies who die-cut, slit, respool and/or repackage recognized unprinted label materials can be authorized to re-mark the products with the UL Mark under our Repackaged Recognized Component Program. 

Authorized Label Suppliers Program (ALSP) 

To ensure the integrity of the UL Certification Mark, it is essential that label printers who produce labels bearing the UL Mark for UL Solutions clients participate in our authorized label suppliers program. 


With more than a century of expertise in safety science and in-depth experience across numerous industries stretching back to 1894, we are uniquely positioned to provide a complete view of how products function within a given system. This is particularly critical in the plastics and components industry, as interactions between substances, parts, systems and the environment in which they are expected to function can be the cause of a significant number of hazards and failures which are rarely apparent when components are tested individually.

Our technical experts can also help you align your products to the appropriate UL Certification category and the applicable Standards, enabling manufacturers of UL Certified products to easily source components that demonstrably meet their compliance needs and project specifications.

Our worldwide presence allows us to provide local services with a global outlook and enables access to a network of experts in all your target markets. We support you in your drive to protect public safety and brand value, mitigating your risk with quality assurance and supply chain compliance services. Our trustworthy reputation provides an important product differentiator in a crowded marketplace, communicating safety and quality to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), purchasers and regulatory authorities.

Why UL Solutions 

Our comprehensive testing, certification, assessment and regulatory compliance services are designed to foster innovation, enhance product and process quality, enable safety and — ultimately — help you meet your business goals.

Our broad capabilities and capacities enable us to partner with you to help address a wide variety of key business needs that may arise throughout your product development life cycle, and deployment phase. Working with one provider allows you to take advantage of cost- and time-saving service bundles, as well as integrated testing and certification plans. These strategies can help you to react quickly to changes in suppliers and raw materials, meet deadlines, and achieve your go-to-market plans.

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Performance Materials - Labels and Label Materials

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Authorized Label Suppliers Program

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Repackaging of Marking and Labeling Material

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Marking and Labeling System for Canada

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