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Authorized Label Supplier Program for Certification Marks

Protecting the integrity of UL Solutions' Certification Marks and deterring counterfeiting.

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The Authorized Label Supplier Program (ALSP) is designed to protect the integrity of UL Solutions' Certification Marks and deter counterfeiting. Label printers participating in the ALSP agree to a closer relationship with us and, thus, are entrusted with producing and distributing UL Certification Marks to authorized UL Solutions clients.


Once participating in the program, we will publish each authorized label supplier’s location on UL Product iQ.
In this database your potential customers can locate your company via an intuitive modern search engine. Potential customers will be able to search by: 

  • Country
  • State/province
  • City
  • Label type

Once located, customers will have access to your company’s information including:  phone number, email address, website and label type.  

Program requirements

Under the ALSP each label supplier location that prints and/or distributes the UL Certification Mark is visited periodically by UL Solutions representatives. During these visits an audit of any labels in production is conducted along with a review of the label suppliers’ systems to the requirements of the program. This visit also provides the opportunity to discuss label printing questions or concerns with us. To find out more about the ALSP program requirements and more in-depth information see the UL Solutions guide “Guide for Printing Legacy, Smart and Enhanced UL Certification Marks”.

Already an authorized label supplier? Make sure you promote your participation in the UL Solutions ALSP.  Download the Promotion and Advertising Guidelines for the ALSP below.

Interested in becoming an authorized label supplier?

Contact sales in your respective region for more information.

Download our resources

Let the World Know: Promoting Your Participation in the UL Authorized Label Supplier Program

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Enhanced, Smart and Legacy Certification Marks

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UL Solutions' Authorized Label Supplier Program On-Demand Webinar

Gain a better understanding of the requirements and eligibility to reproduce the UL Mark on labels when authorized by UL Solutions.

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