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Additive Manufacturing

We are at the forefront of the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry to help you spearhead the adoption of additive manufacturing, catapulting your business into the future of innovation.

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Our Additive Manufacturing (AM) program aims to collaborate with the 3D printing/AM industry to advance innovation, safety and quality across the entire system. We’re passionate about helping you navigate industry issues involving workforce development, equipment and material compliance, and facility safety. By addressing key gaps across the AM value chain, we’re confident that we can help develop the future compliance infrastructure for the entire AM industry. More importantly, by identifying these gaps, we can help you understand how to bridge them. That’s how we’ll set you up for long-term success, and that’s what makes us different.


We are uniquely positioned as an objective, single-source provider of additive manufacturing expertise. Through our independent global perspective and extensive engineering knowledge, we can help you confidently harness the benefits of AM in a way that is relevant to you and your business.

Why UL Solutions

Building on our supply chain safety and performance expertise, UL Solutions' service capabilities are applicable to a wide range of industrial and consumer-goods manufacturers that are spearheading the adoption of AM. These include AM components and products for medical and automotive industries, building materials, jewelry, household products, electronics and much more.

Facility safety

The introduction of AM technologies is transforming modern industrial production, which in turn brings new considerations for manufacturers and their employees. These considerations include potential safety risks associated with AM materials, equipment and production facilities. Our AM Facility Safety Management Services are designed to help AM technology users manage the inherent process risks within an AM facility and achieve compliance to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

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Training and workforce development

Our multitiered AM curriculum guides participants through foundational industry knowledge to in-depth, hands-on experiential learning. Our courses help facilitate the safe and successful implementation of AM for many industry audiences, including experienced engineers, designers, production technicians and business professionals.

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Material compliance

As AM technology matures toward an acceptable manufacturing process, feedstock material control becomes a requirement to ensure quality. Our AM material compliance services provide solutions for material characterization, testing and certification.

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Equipment compliance

We help manufacturers of 3D printing equipment hone their competitive edge by leveraging our safety science expertise to differentiate their products in the world marketplace through our end-to-end safety certification and validation services.

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Product testing and certification

Our facilities allow us to deliver innovative solutions that streamline testing for customers operating in and accessing markets around the world. Our services include certifications of a product manufactured using 3D printing to industrywide standards.

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How to Read the UL Solutions Blue Card

Download our e-guide to understand our Plastics for Additive Manufacturing Recognition Program.

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