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How to Read the UL Solutions Blue Card

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UL Solutions Blue Card surrounded by plastic materials.

What is a UL Solutions Blue Card?

The UL Solutions Blue Card is a digital product information card that lists substantial safety and performance-related properties for plastic materials that are suitable for 3D printing. Specifically, it provides data to facilitate the preselection of 3D-printed materials and components that are used in a range of applications. A Blue Card is automatically issued when a material intended for 3D printing achieves a UL Recognized Component Mark.

The Blue Card serves as an extension of the Yellow Card Program by defining the additional requirements necessary to recognize plastics intended for 3D printing and 3D-printed components and products.

The additional UL Solutions White Card provides information with respect to testing performed to international standards (ISO, IEC).

Certified materials are added to the UL Product iQ® and UL Prospector® databases, which thousands of designers, engineers and suppliers use to find providers of recognized materials and components.

Benefits for material manufacturers

The Blue Card is the ideal recognition for manufacturers of materials or components to promote products and their tested properties to global markets and potential customers.

Benefits for material users

The Blue Card provides confidence that a material will continue to meet requirements for specific applications. Using UL Solutions-tested and certified components — identifiable through the UL Recognized Component Mark on the Blue Card — can also help you save time and money. By eliminating the need for further material testing, it can help shorten the path to certain certifications.

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