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Weathering Tests for Plastics

Whether your components are likely to reveal optical and mechanical changes after long-term exposure to light and weathering is an important criteria when it comes to the material selection for usage in end-products. UL’s experts can help you determine these characteristics through a wide range of weathering simulation tests on standardized specimens and finished components. The test results can help to predict real world product characteristics and life time behavior.



This method measures optical and mechanical changes induced by precisely simulated weather events. UL TTC’s controlled irradiance (CI) Xenon arc apparatus guarantees constant light intensities as well as exact temperature and humidity control. All our tests are thus carried out with the necessary reliability with regard to correlativity, precision, reproducibility and repeatability.

Compared to natural tests, this method significantly reduces the time required to calculate the light aging/weathering stability of test specimens. All important climatic factors such as radiation, heat, humidity and rain can be simulated with these devices.

Standards for Xenon-WOM
UL 746C, ASTM G151, ASTM G155, or equivalent standards


Measuring Changes and Water Absorption

This method is used to determine the influence of water absorption on physical properties. Test specimens are stored in water at elevated temperature for a defined time.

Standards for water exposure
UL 746C

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