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Responsible Sourcing in Supply Chains

Define supply chain risks, develop responsible sourcing strategies, and demonstrate the safety, security and sustainability of your brand.

How to start a socially responsible sourcing strategy 

Consumers everywhere are looking more closely at companies they purchase products from and raising their ethical expectations. Your company’s mission matters to them and it extends to every supplier in your supply chain. 

Your customers want to know that your products are made in ways that adhere to responsible labor practices. Regulators around the world are also increasingly requiring companies to demonstrate ethical and environmentally sustainable sourcing strategies and human rights due diligence.

To stay competitive, manufacturers must monitor their supply chains regularly and remain vigilant in their vendor selection policies to keep consumers, investors and regulators satisfied that their brand is an ethically responsible environmental steward and conscientious corporate citizen operating in accordance with all business and human rights regulations and best practices.

Supply chain risks pose potential problems for your brand. You can help prevent them by putting ethical sourcing practices in place to assess and address those risks in advance. Leading brands know that ethical sourcing is one of the best ways to satisfy investor and regulatory requirements, in addition to promoting a positive public image to protect brand value.

At UL, our responsible sourcing program helps you protect brand assets by helping you to:

  • Understand your company’s supply chain risks
  • Develop ethical sourcing strategies to address and mitigate those supply chain risks
  • Access tools to help you reduce and remediate supply chain risks

Sustainable sourcing tools

We offer a variety of tools to help you implement sustainable sourcing policies across your value chain. UL’s responsible sourcing experts show you best practices and strategies to strengthen your supply chain in socially and environmentally responsible ways. 

Our tools and trainings help you assess and measure supplier risks, workplace conditions and support the safety, security and environmental sustainability of your products and operations.

UL’s responsible sourcing experts give you access to tools that you can use to:

  • Monitor suppliers in your supply chain
  • Measure vulnerabilities, such as use of subcontractors
  • Mitigate risks by implementing sourcing best practices

We offer insights on responsible raw material sourcing and environmental considerations, and help you assess your business and human rights practices to meet industry standards and investor and regulatory requirements.

Our team of experts offers you the knowledge you need to demonstrate to stakeholders that your sourcing strategies are safer, and more secure and sustainable.

Benefits of socially responsible sourcing

We take a customizable and holistic approach to supporting the development of your responsible sourcing program. At UL, we understands that supply chain risks vary by industry, so our tools can be tailored to your unique needs. 

Our responsible sourcing strategists analyze your supply chain and assess risks and share socially responsible strategies and best practices to help you make every improvement necessary to meet your ethical and sustainable sourcing program goals. This is how we help you access strategies for socially responsible sourcing so you can achieve what’s possible.

Our responsible sourcing program consists of five integral pillars:

  • Building a program foundation – We help you build social responsibility program foundations through supply chain standards development, creation of policies and procedures, establishment of due diligence and auditing programs, and benchmarking against industry standards
  • Analyzing and prioritizing risk – We help you analyze and prioritize risks through risk mapping and desktop and field research with tools, such as risk indices and self-assessment questionnaires
  • Improving supplier performance – We support program adoption and implementation through targeted communication with internal staff and suppliers by developing tools and approaches, such as supplier manuals and training.
  • Educating customers and suppliers – We have a team of dedicated specialists who can help improve supplier performance through capacity-building engagements such as corrective and preventative action plan management, on-site supplier training and consultation, e-Learning and program data analytics and key performance indicators
  • Auditing – We support both brand-owned auditing programs and audit schemes. We can execute special assessments and investigations and provide our own audit approach through our proprietary social, environmental, traceability, security and brand protection tools

Global supply chain sourcing services for the greater good

We know that when we work together for the greater good, we all win. Our responsible sourcing program is dedicated to advancing sustainable business practices within supply chains.

Drawing on over 20 years of industry leadership, we help manufacturers, brands and retailers around the world apply streamlined solutions to their responsible sourcing challenges. 
UL’s global team of subject matter experts in the areas of social responsibility, environmental responsibility, extractives and raw material sourcing are all available to help you make sure the sourcing in your supply chain is as good as it can be, for all.

Our commitment to continually enhance our expertise and positively impact the industries we serve means we engage in a thought leadership capacity with various key associations and industry groups to support the advancement of social compliance and responsible sourcing worldwide.

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