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Solid State or Relay Switches Testing and Certification Services

We can support your testing and certification needs for your switching and load control devices to meet industry standards for quality, safety and reliability.

A group of relay switches.

Switches are used to turn circuits on and off for various load types, whether that’s indoors or out. They provide the safe control of lighting and other similar loads in various applications, including home (residential), office (commercial), factory (industrial), theatrical (theater and stage) and marine environments.

We can help you get your solid state and relay switches to market by testing and certifying them to the U.S. and Canadian requirements. We also offer informative reports or CB Scheme test reports to various International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards.

Our customer-orientated team will work with you during each step of the process to help you bring your switching devices to market in the most efficient way possible. For instance, if you have in-house testing capabilities, we may be able to perform testing at your facility under our Data Acceptance Program (DAP). This program was designed to reduce the time and costs that are associated with the certification process.


Certifications and standards for solid state and relay switches and load control devices include:

  • Photocontrollers, photoswitches and motion detectors
  • Light sensitive switches
  • Area and roadway lighting switches
  • Timing and clock operated switches
  • Membrane switches for body actuation
  • Below deck marine switches and other various load control devices
  • Relays for use in electric vehicles and electric vehicle chargers 

Controllable load types include:  incandescent, halogen, magnetic transformer, magnetic ballast, electronic ballast, compact fluorescent lamps, LED Lamps, HVAC loads, motor loads, heating loads and general-purpose loads.

Areas of expertise

We provide testing and certification services for switching devices in the following categories:

  • Photo-controllers
  • Photo-controllers for area lighting
  • Photoelectric switches
  • Plug-in locking type
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Electrical Relays in Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations (UL 61810-20)

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