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Semiconductor Testing Services

Offering services from design through certification to cover many semiconductor type devices for a variety of applications.

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Achieve Global Market Access through semiconductor testing

Electrically isolated semiconductors are used in electrical circuits to prevent damage when under fault condition. These devices are used in a variety of industrial applications including drives for motor control, welding machine systems, industrial heating equipment, portable generators, power quality applications, fast electric vehicle (EV) charging, solar inverters for photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and battery electric storage systems.

UL helps you bring safe electrically isolated semiconductor products to the marketplace quickly and efficiently. Our seasoned team of experts works closely with you to help you conquer market complexity, foster safe working and living environments, and promote innovation. You can count on our scientific knowledge, objective authority and market access to help you get your products to market faster and easier.

Our semiconductor test services and certification

We offer U.S. recognition to cover many semiconductor type devices for a variety of applications. Included in the certification are the following ratings: 

  • Isolation voltage
  • Case and storage temperatures 

The hazard addressed by the evaluation is electric shock and the standard used is UL 1557, the Standard for Safety for Electrically Isolated Semiconductor Devices. These requirements cover the isolation performance of thyristors, transistors, diodes and the like, and their combination in module packages and constructional features that are pertinent to that performance. The evaluation does not cover switching performance. 

We can help you with the requirements for construction and testing. Engage with us early in the development process to help ensure that your design is compliant from the start. We will work with you to evaluate the selected polymeric materials to meet compliance with the Standard. The testing is straightforward and often includes long-term thermal aging. For the required temperature rating, we are flexible and will collaborate with you to choose the oven time and temperature based on the required temperature rating if any long-term aging is required.

We can also review thermal scans or similar data generated by you to use as the basis for testing. We will work with you in each step of the process to ensure faster turnaround time, so you can bring your product to market faster.

Manufacturers with in-house testing capabilities may qualify to perform testing at their facilities under UL’s Data Acceptance Program. Such testing can help reduce certification process costs and time.

Product categories included in our semiconductor testing services

We provide testing and certification services for electrically isolated semiconductors, including the following categories:

  • Electrically isolated semiconductor devices
  • Power switching semiconductors
  • SOT-XXX type semiconductor devices
  • Large power modules

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