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By-Product Synergy Claim Validation

Our By-Product Synergy Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) enables you to showcase your sustainability efforts by verifying that your facility practices by-product synergy matching, the transfer of waste from one facility to another for use as a raw material.

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In an effort to reduce waste and minimize costs, some manufacturing facilities are practicing by-product exchange, whereby the waste or by-product from one facility is routed to another for use as raw material in its manufacturing process. To verify this practice, we have developed an innovative sustainability Standard to encourage and validate your by-product synergy initiatives. Our standards address the impact of all materials, including leftover material, by-products and waste, as well as the energy that is being exchanged among facilities within your by-product synergy network. Not only will this help ensure that you are in compliance with the appropriate regulatory requirements, it will help ensure that you are being a good steward of the environment.


In an increasingly competitive business environment where you are expected to be proactive in your sustainability efforts, by-product synergy is a great way to improve efficiency and partner with other local industries to achieve mutually beneficial cost-savings.

By-product synergy has multiple sustainability benefits including:

  • Reduced demand for virgin-source materials
  • Reduced waste sent to landfills
  • A localized supply chain
  • Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Reduced costs

By pursuing our By-Product Synergy ECV, you can measure and validate the amount of waste that you are reducing. Once validated, you can display our ECV Mark on all of your product packaging and marketing materials. This Mark enables you to confidently showcase your sustainability efforts at a business and consumer level, providing you with a distinct advantage in an eco-conscious marketplace. Your efforts to reduce waste not only speak to the efficiencies and integrity of your supply chain, they also speak to the commitment you’ve made to the environment.

Why UL

We are a recognized and trusted testing and certification body with a deep understanding and expertise of environmental product claims. By choosing us to validate your by-product synergy claims, you’ll be able to clearly communicate your environmental stewardship efforts to businesses and regulatory agencies while telling a compelling sustainability story to your consumers.

Related standards

  • UL 2990 UL Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for By-Product Synergy
  • UL 2809 Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) for Recycled Content


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