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MEBA Case Study

MEBA Fashion, an industry supplier, demonstrated its commitment to sustainable fashion by validating its bio-based content with UL Solutions, helping to secure sustainable resins for the fashion industry.

Colorful resin buttons

Fashion supplier MEBA secures UL Solutions bio-based validation for its resins

For more than 50 years, MEBA Fashion has provided the fashion industry with materials for colorful buttons and other artistic fashion accessories made of resin.

Like many fashion suppliers and other companies in the industry, MEBA is waking up to the importance of sustainability and the sector’s role in climate change. Increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of its products, MEBA decided to replace its traditional polyester resin with MEBA BIORESINE®, a material made with biopolymers.

Seeing a confusing array of green marketing claims in the market, MEBA committed to MEBA committed to showcasing the confidence and trust of their environmental claim by obtaining third-party validation for MEBA BIORESINE.

MEBA selected UL Solutions, a global safety science leader, as its credible, reliable testing and validation partner. Leveraging its international presence, UL Solutions’ local experts supported MEBA’s testing and environmental claim validation process.

UL Solutions’ environmental claim validation program

The environmental claim validation program provides third-party credibility to your single-attribute environmental claims and helps build trust and confidence between manufacturers and customers. We can help you evaluate critical information about your products and share it with confidence.

Case study

Read the case study to learn more about MEBA’s decision to validate MEBA BIORESINE’s bio-based content through UL Solutions' environmental claim validation (ECV) program.

Through bio-based environmental claim validation, UL Solutions validates through testing that a product contains bio-based content. Examples of bio-based content include polylactic acid (PLA), crop residues and wood residues, among others.

Why UL Solutions

With deep expertise in supporting fashion and luxury brands’ sustainability efforts, UL Solutions can help deliver safer, more sustainable and high-quality products your consumers can trust. Third-party, science-based validation of your product’s environmental claims helps you demonstrate your sustainability efforts, providing instantly recognizable and validated information to manufacturers and consumers. We can help you evaluate critical information about your products and share it with confidence.

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